Play Recipes for Baby

What can baby do?  TONS!  Here is a collection of paint & play recipes perfect for babies!  These can easily be made at home using common household items.  All of these are safe for babies & fun for kids of all ages!

Play Recipes for Baby

An amazing collection of play recipes perfect for babies {Safe for baby; fun for kids of all ages!}

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Paint & Play Recipes Just for Baby
Easy Peasy Baby Paint- This was my go to paint recipe when Rosie and Jewel were babes.  With only two ingredients it couldn't be easier to make!
Rainbow Dyed Noodles-  Cooked noodles are a great first sensory material for babies.  Rosie and Jewel both loved playing with a bit of left over noodles when they were tiny, and they still love it now.  To read about how to dye noodles for sensory play go here

Baby Safe Fingerpaint Recipe-  This fingerpaint is tons of fun and very easy to make.  My girls aren't babies anymore, and we still make this paint often.

Scented & Edible Paint-  This was another paint recipe that Rosie and Jewel loved as babes, and it smells AMAZING!

Homemade Colored Sand-  This colored sand is easy to make and feels just like sand, but it is edible and 100% safe for babies.  While it is edible kids really won't be tempted to eat much, but it's still nice to know that they can sneak a taste without worry.

No Cook Play Dough-  This play clay is made with just three edible ingredients and requires no cooking!  It is a great first play dough for babies!

GOOP  GOOP was the first sensory recipe I ever made for Jewel and Rosie, and they absolutely loved it!  It is safe for kids of all ages and so unbelievably fun you will want to play with it too, I guarantee it!

Modeling Clay  This modeling clay recipe is made using kitchen items.  It does require cooking, but the added effort is worth it.  You can keep this clay in a zip seal bag for several months and even use it to make keepsakes of those adorable baby hands.

Homemade SNOW  All you need to make this super fun sensory snow is one ingredient plus water!  Safe for babies; fun for kids of all ages!

Scratch & SNIFF Paint  You can easily change the consistency of this paint to give babies lots of ways to explore at one time.

Edible Slime  If babe sneaks a tiny taste of this slime it is OK, because it is made from edible ingredients.  However, you will still want to watch your little one closely to ensure they do not choke or consume lots of slime; it is not meant for all out consumption.

Cloud Dough  Cloud dough is easy to make and safe for the littlest littles.

Dirt Dough  Dirt dough looks and feels just like dirt, but it is germ free and clean.  If baby sneaks a taste or two during play that is ok, though I doubt they will eat very much.

Popping Rice  Rosie and Jewel love popping rice.  Give your babe a bowl full, and they will play for a long time!

Potato Flakes  Potato flakes are super fun and make an amazing sensory material.  See all the ways we have found to play with them here.

Jello  Jello is a great fist sensory material for baby.  Some of Rosie and Jewel's favorite ways that we have played with it were this snake slime dig and this jello ocean.

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint  It is never too early for little ones to start creating art.  If it is warm where you are you can whip up this easy to make sidewalk paint and set baby up outside to paint and play.

Edible Water Beads  These water beads are edible and lots of fun!  You may want to wait to try these until baby is eating solids and always monitor play closely; while these are edible they could still be a possible choking hazard.

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An amazing collection of play recipes that are safe for babies

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