Chalk Rockets for Kids

We have been having lots of fun playing and exploring with sidewalk chalk this Summer.  Today, Rosie asked if we could make exploding chalk.  I thought that sounded SO fun, so we experimented a bit, and these super amazing chalk rockets were the outcome of our trails.

Chalk Rockets- these rockets fly high in the air, creating beautiful exploding art all over the pavement.  Way too FUN!
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Sidewalk chalk is the perfect way to create art in the warmer months.  We have had a blast creating all different play times using a variety of chalk recipes this Summer.  These exploding chalk rockets were so fun we have already done this activity THREE times since the other day.  Are you ready to give it a try?

You want to begin by filling each film canister 1/3 of the way with liquid sidewalk chalk. We mixed our chalk right in the canister. This worked great and allowed us to create a variety of colors.

Chalk filled rockets- the rockets fly high in the air, creating beautiful exploding art all over the pavement

If you are unfamiliar with how to make liquid sidewalk chalk it is basically just a mixture of corn starch, water, and liquid water colors.  You can also use food coloring.  Exact measurements are not needed.  We basically just filled each canister 1/4 of the way with corn starch and then added enough water to make a liquid chalk. ( More detailed instructions for making liquid chalk can be found here)

Once your chalk colors are mixed you want to set one rocket off at a time.  Take one alka-seltzer tablet and break it into 3-4 pieces.  Drop the pieces into the canister, and then quickly pop the top on and flip the canister over.  Then stand back

chalk rockets

The film canister will fly through the air like a rocket, leaving beautiful chalk art behind

chalk rockets
The canister itself flies through the air while the lid stays on the ground. The chalk inside splatters and flies to create neat art effects
Notice the pink rocket up front taking off

Lots of beautiful art splatters after setting off multiple rockets
chalk rockets

Rosie had so much fun and wanted to let off rocket after rocket

chalk rockets

She has since asked to do this activity again and again, a sure sign of a winning play time!

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