Gingerbread Paint Recipe & Craft

Here is a simple  gingerbread paint recipe that is great for arts, crafts, and sensory play.

Gingerbread Paint Recipe

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Gingerbread Puffy Paint Recipe
  • Shaving Cream
  • White School Glue
  • Ground cinnamon, clove, & ginger spice
  • Brown Food Coloring if rich color is desired
In a bowl mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream.  Add brown food coloring and the desired amount of spices.  We used a good bit more cinnamon than clove and ginger.  Mix ingredients well.

Add buttons and kids can use this paint to make cute gingerbread men that will dry puffy and raised.  

Once the puffy gingerbread men are dry they are so fun to touch!  This paint is also great for sensory play.

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