Glow in the Dark Chalk Recipe

Rosie and Jewel love sidewalk chalk, and they also love glow in the dark stuff.  After a bit of experimenting I was able to come up with a super easy recipe for making glow in the dark chalk.

Glow in the Dark Chalk Recipe

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Glow in the Dark Chalk Recipe
All you have to do to make this fun chalk is mix a few common household items.  Begin by combining a small amount of glowing paint in a bowl with a bit of water.  You only need a squirt of paint to produce a vibrant glow.  Once the paint is dissolved in the water you will have vibrant glowing water

This recipe is so simple the only other thing you have to do is add plaster of paris to each bowl until you have the desired consistency.  

You want the consistency to be thick but still wet.  Once the ingredients are mixed, spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray or similar.  We lined our tray with cooking spray (a very thin layer with none collected on the bottom) to prevent sticking.  

You want to really pack the chalk into your mold for it to hold its shape and consistency

After several hours your chalk will be set. We left ours to dry for roughly 12 hours and also popped it in the freezer for ten minutes to help us pop the pieces from the tray.  This really helped the chalk pop right out.  I was so happy with how our chalk turned out!

This recipe produced A RAINBOW of glowing colors to create sidewalk art after dark!

Rosie and Jewel have had so much fun with their chalk! 

 It works at night and it also works under black-light!

It even works in broad daylight!

Note- if you use fluorescent paint you will need a blacklight for your chalk to glow.  If you use glow in the dark paint the chalk will glow in the dark and under blacklight.  Glow in the dark paint does need to be charged by a light source, so you will want to hold the chalk near a light just before play. We made some of both to give us a rainbow of colors.

Here are a few other fun ways to make your own sidewalk chalk:

(Click the photo)

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