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Halloween Egg Hunt

Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun decorating Halloween eggs a few years ago.  With that idea in mind I thought it would be fun to sprinkle a little more Easter into this spooky holiday .  Read on to see how we set-up a Halloween egg hunt for kids .

Egg Experiments for Kids

The incredible, edible egg!   These fun science experiments illustrate just how incredible the egg really is.  Read on to see how you can make an egg bounce, glow, turn into a ghost, and more!

Halloween Spooky Eggs

Why should Easter have all the fun?  If you find yourself in need of a fun activity  for the kids this fall give Halloween egg decorating a try! For all the best kids activities follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook .  Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun with this  festive craft .  First, they got to  dye eggs .  Then, they got to transform them into  spooky Halloween characters .  Read on for the full craft tutorial. DYEING & DECORATING EGGS FOR HALLOWEEN Materials Kool-aid packets  or  food dye Hot water Vinegar Cups/bowls Spoons Paper towels Method Begin by boiling  eggs  as you normally would.  Read our full tutorial on  how to  prepare perfectly boiled eggs . Allow the eggs to cool. While the eggs are cooling you can prepare the dye.  There are many ways to dye eggs.  Check out how we dyed eggs with Kool-aid and food coloring .  Today, we used Kool-aid. Allow the dye to seep into the  eggs  until the desired colors are achieved. Then, remove the eggs from the dye and allow

Halloween Tube Crafts

Today, we rummaged through our art supplies in search of a fun Halloween craft that we could make.  While looking I stumbled upon the cardboard tube mummies that we crafted a few years ago.  That was the inspiration I needed!  So, we gathered our supplies and set out to make an array of spooky crafts using cardboard tubes .  Read on to see what we came up with and the materials used.

Mummy Craft for Kids

Don't toss away those  cardboard tubes .  Turn them into BOO-tiful  Halloween crafts  like these wrapped  mummies  instead.

Kids Halloween Rocks

Rock painting is a really fun craft that kids of all ages seem to enjoy.  Today, we decided to dig into our craft supplies and make spooky Halloween rocks . Read on to see what ideas we came up with and the materials used.

Sensory Bottles for Kids

Sensory bottles are easy to make, and they allow for kids of all ages to explore in endless ways!  If you have babies or toddlers at home contained sensory activities are a great way to allow them to explore the elements around them safely.  Read on for TONS of ways to make sensory bottles for kids ! SENSORY BOTTLES FOR KIDS Galaxy in-a-Jar Rainbow Sensory Bottles Water Bead Sensory Bottles Rainbow Glitter Bottles Seasonal Sensory Bottles Magnetic Sensory Bottle Galaxy in-a-Bottle Weather Sensory Bottles Inside-Out Sensory Bottles Lava Lamp Sensory Bottles Science Sensory Bottle Mini Sensory Bottles Ocean in-a-Bottle DIY Sensory Bottles Christmas Sensory Bottles Color Changing Sensory Bottles Ninja Turtle Sensory Bottles Jellyfish in-a-Bottle Bedtime Sensory Bottle Melted Snowman Sensory Bottle Musical Sensory Bottles Shark Sensory Bottle Glow-in-the-Dark Sensory Bottle Fall Sensory Bottles I-Spy Sensory Bottle Fairy Sensory Bottles Glow Sticks Sensory Bottle Snowman Sensory Bot

Spider Slime Recipe

Like most kids Rosie and Jewel LOVE slime .  We have come up with all sorts of ways to make it over the years.  Today, we are sharing a simple recipe for glowing spider slime .  Read on for the full play tutorial .

Halloween Oobleck

Explore the science of liquid properties and make goop slime !   Goop only requires two base ingredients, and there are endless ways to make it.  Today, we added a few spooky elements to our slimy sensory bin to make glowing goblin goo .  Read on for the full Halloween tutorial.

Jack-o-Lantern Oranges

  Tuck a  healthy treat  into  kids lunches  this  Fall  that is sure to make them smile!  You only need two things to make these  edible  jack-o-lanterns , and they will delight all ages!

Halloween Fruit Cups

Easily make kids smile and tuck a healthy Halloween treat into their lunch this fall .  You only need two things to make these edible jack-o-lanterns , and they are sure to delight all ages!

Flying Ghosts Craft

Keep kids busy this fall with this simple  craft that doubles as a toy !  With the kids home more right now it can get hard to keep them actively engaged and away from screens.  Bust that boredom this autumn and make your own flying ghosts !

Halloween Hand Print Crafts

We especially love crafting during the holidays .  Halloween is our favorite.  With ghosts , goblins , and frights galore there are tons of fun ways to incorporate this spooky celebration into autumn crafts and activities.  Today, we are sharing a collection of hand print craft ideas perfect for Halloween .

Moon Sand Recipe

Have your kids ever tried  moon sand ?  If they like  slime  and  play dough  they will LOVE moon sand!  It acts like slime but also contains properties of  sand .  It is also mold-able.  Today, we tried to  make our own  moon sand , and the results were just too fun!  Read on for the easy  recipe tutorial .

Pumpkin Cloud Dough

What would it feel like to touch a pumpkin cloud ?  Could you hold it, mold it, or maybe even squish it?  We sought to find out the answer to this 3-year-old question using a few ingredients from our pantry and a little bit of imagination.  Read on to see how you can easily make pumpkin cloud dough at home.

Halloween Lanterns for Kids

Delight the kids this autumn and turn empty jars into glowing Halloween lanterns !  These spooky jars are easy to make, and they are sure to look amazing as part of your Halloween d├ęcor.  Read on for the full  craft tutorial.

Neon Pumpkin Seeds

Don't toss those seeds when you carve pumpkins this fall .  Use them for autumn crafting instead!  Today, we tried to dye pumpkin seeds that glow-in-the-dark , and the results were just too fun.  Read on for the full recipe tutorial.

Pumpkin Seed Crafts

We love using pumpkin seeds for fall crafting .  Today, we dyed pumpkin seeds so that we could make colorful works of autumn art .  Read on to see how you can easily make rainbow seeds at home.

Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Today, we are sharing a fun and creative way for kids to  decorate pumpkins without carving .  If your kids love  things that glow-in-the-dark  they will LOVE this  neon pumpkin  craft!  Read on to see how we  melted crayons  to make glowing  r ainbow pumpkins . 

Halloween Slime Recipe

Wow kids of all ages and  make Halloween slime  that  glows-in-the-dark !    Rosie and Jewel loved this  glowing slime , and the  oozing  jack-o-lanterns  made them giggle hysterically as they played.  Read on to see how you can make your own  pumpkin slime  at home.

Costumes for Baby

I love  Halloween  and especially enjoyed picking out Rosie and Jewel's  costumes  when they were  babies .  There are so many unique and creative ideas out there!  Here, you will find a collection of adorable  costumes  perfect for babies & toddlers.

Halloween Trunk Ideas

One thing we look forward to each Halloween is Trunk or Treating .  If you have never been you really must give it a try!  Trick-or-treating has never been more fun!  Check the local happenings in your area to see where one is near you, and if you are really feeling ambitious you can sign-up to be a part of the event.  Then, use one of these amazing ideas to pimp out your ride!

Carved Pumpkins Tips

Carve those pumpkins  early in October without having them rot!  Believe it or not, this is possible.  Here are  a few tips  to help you  preserve your carved pumpkins for weeks longer  this  autumn !

Halloween Balloon Experiment

Use science to "magically" form a jack-o-lantern .  Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with this simple Halloween experiment !  Give it a try, and I bet that you will, too!

Ghost Lollipops for Kids

Rosie and Jewel look forward to  making ghost lollipops  each  Halloween .  It is a fun   craft  to do as a family, and they love giving the  ghost pops  out to their friends at school!  Read on for the full  activity  tutorial.

Ghost Slime Recipe

Wow kids of all ages and make  gooey ghost slime !  Are you ready to " get chills" ?  This  slime  is  icy-cold  to the touch, and you only need a few ingredients to make it.  Stretch and pull as you laugh and giggle with this easy  play recipe .

Halloween Treats for Kids

Being a mom and room helper at my daughters school means that I am always looking for cute food inspiration around the holidays .  With that thought in mind I have compiled a collection of my favorite Halloween treat ideas .  These would make fabulous  lunchbox surprises and would also be great for class parties .

Family Themed Costumes

Have I told you how much I love Halloween ?  It has to be the most fun holiday there is, especially when you dress-up as a family .  Dressing up together is a fun tradition that creates life-long memories.  Here are 50+ Family costume ideas for Halloween .

Leaf Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for creative ways to use some of those  leaves  this  fall ?  Here are 50 amazing autumn  leaf crafts  & activities that the kids are sure to LOVE!

Halloween Sensory Bags

Sensory bags  are a great way for little ones still in the mouthing stage to explore play materials.   Today, I made a few  Halloween sensory bags  for Rosie and Jewel.  They had lots of fun playing, and I loved that there was no mess to clean up after  play .  Here are the  sensory bags  that I made as well as some great ideas from others.

Ghost Rockets for Kids

Wow the kids this autumn and  make ghost rockets !   We love  Halloween !   We also love  science .  Today, we combined the two to make flying  ghost rockets .  The results were just too fun!  Read on for the easy tutorial .

Halloween Play Recipes

From "Goblin Guts" to "Ghost mud" it's all here!   I love creating  spooky-fun play recipes  for kids, and Rosie and Jewel have had a lot of fun with them over the years.   Here, you will find an amazing collection of Halloween sensory activities that your littles are sure to love!

Ghost Paint Recipe

Here is a quick and easy  paint recipe  that the  kids  are sure to love!   This   ghost paint   is icy-cold to the touch and dries puffy & raised.  Wow all ages this  Halloween  and give this  craft  a try.

Ghost Bombs for Kids

Give kids "a ghostly scare" and make  Halloween smoke bombs !  What could be more fun than a toy that explodes into colorful powder when thrown?  Rosie and Jewel love  smoke bombs , and they loved the  chalk bombs  that we made not long ago.  Today, we put a fun twist on this activity and  made ghost bombs .  Read on for the easy tutorial.