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Winter Science for Kids

If you are looking for winter science experiments for kids you are in the right spot!

Winter Science for Kids

Explore science in the winter with these simple and fun  experiments for kids .

Make Magic Snow

What do you do when you have two kids dying to  play in the snow ,  but there isn't any?  You  make your own !  

Party Slime Recipe for Kids

We love slime and have shared so many fun  ways to make it over the years!

Gingerbread Slime Recipe

If you follow along with us then you have probably realized by now that WE LOVE  SLIME !

Grinch Slime Recipe

Nothing says  Christmas  like  the Grinch !

Confetti Balloons

Making confetti balloons is an easy and fun craft for kids.

Heart Suncatcher Craft

This heart sun catcher craft was a big hit with my girls and kept them occupied on a long day stuck inside.

Valentines Games for Kids

Are you looking for fun Valentines games for kids ?

Valentine Box Ideas

Are you looking for Valentine box ideas ?

Christmas Doodle Paint

Do your kids love to draw?

Christmas Slime Recipes

From Santa Slime to Grinch GOO - it's all here!

Christmas Activities and Crafts

Are you looking for  Christmas activities for kids ?

Christmas Rice Recipe

Making  Christmas  rice  is really simple and lots of fun for kids!

Snowman Crafts for Kids

Do you want to build a snowman?

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

A few years ago I shared a list of fun and creative stocking stuffers for kids .

Santa Slime Recipe

Slime!  My kids love it! They ask to make slime all the time.

Santa Crafts for Kids

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Snow Shooters for Kids

I put this simple  toy  together for Rosie and Jewel, and they have been having so much fun!

Snow Volcano Science

Do your kids love to play in the snow?

Indoor Snowball Fight

Got bored kids ?

Winter Games for Kids

Here are over thirty winter party games that kids of all ages are sure to love!

Gingerbread Cloud Dough Recipe

If your kids love play dough then they will LOVE this  homemade gingerbread cloud dough!

The Christmas Eve Box

Putting together  a Christmas Eve box  is an easy way to add a touch more magic to the holiday season.

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

The New Years celebrations don't have to stop just because you are a parent!

New Years Eve for Kids

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the new year with kids .

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

Here are 20 easy & fun paper plate crafts to make with the kids this holiday season.

Gingerbread Paint Recipe

Today, I whipped up a simple gingerbread paint  that is great for arts, crafts, and holiday play .

Candy Cane Paint Recipe

Using just a few ingredients from your home you can make this amazing candy cane paint , and it's unlike any that you might find in a store.

Frozen Paint Recipe

Here is a super simple  paint recipe  that is sure to delight little fans of Disney's Frozen.

Christmas Party Games

Are you planning a holiday party?

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Make the most of the holiday season with this amazing collection of Christmas tree crafts for kids !

Make Christmas Magical for Kids

There are so many ways to make Christmas magical for your little ones.

Ornaments for Kids to Make

One thing that my kids look forward to each Christmas is making their own ornaments.

Grinch Slime for Kids

Today, we combined three of our favorite things-  Christmas ,  slime , and  things that  glow-in-the-dark !