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Gardening Activities for Kids

  We can not wait to get outside & do as many activities as possible! If that is also your goal then this list of gardening activities for kids will surely prove to be a great resource. There are so many fun ideas here deciding where to start might be the only challenge.    Follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook  and for all the best kids activities! GARDENING ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS Up-cycle plastic bottles into  adorable planters . Use eggshells to make  a mini garden . Make  eggheads . Turn a toy truck into  a mobile garden . Grow  a magic beanstalk .  Grow a garden using  an egg carton . Make  Lego planters . Turn rain boots into  a garden .  Make an  egg carton greenhouse . Grow  grass animals . Make  newspaper pots . Make  garden art  from recycled cans. Convert an old sandbox into  a kids garden . Turn play dough containers  into planters . Create a hideout while exploring how things grow with this  DIY bean teepee . Use recycled cans to make  an herb garden . Use ice-

Rain Clouds Experiment

  Have your kids ever asked you why it rains?  Making a rain cloud in a jar is a great way to teach them about the weather system and how rain forms.  My girls love this science experiment and ask to do it often, especially on rainy days.   

Flower Crafts for Kids

  We can't wait to plant and craft this Spring!   Are you excited, too?  Here are 50 fun and creative  flower crafts  to help you make the most of the warm days ahead.

Snowman Slime Recipe

Slime, slime, slime! It's been all the rage in our home for quite some time. Today, we are sharing a new slime recipe using only two ingredients! This slime is icy-cold like real snow and makes fantastic snowmen. Are you ready to make your own snowman slime ?       For all the best kids activities follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook HOW TO MAKE SNOWMAN SLIME FOR KIDS Materials 2 cups of  chilled  white school glue  1-2 cups of  chilled   liquid starch Bowls/container Optional additions: Iridescent glitter   Snowflake gems Craft foam A Tip:  To make this slime icy-cold I recommend r efrigerating the glue and liquid starch overnight.  Just be sure to set them on the counter for fifteen minutes before mixing the slime . Method Begin by pouring 2 cups of white school glue into a large mixing bowl. Slowly begin to add  liquid starch , slowly adding more starch and mixing until the desired consistency is reached. Once the slime is formed remove it from the bowl and continue to

Winter Activities for Kids

  Being stuck inside during the colder months always seems to bring on the boredom.   Read on for lots of fun ways to keep the entire family creating and crafting this  winter .

Winter Science for Kids

  If you are looking for winter science experiments you are in the right spot! Here, you will find an amazing collection of experiments that kids of all ages are sure to LOVE!

Snow Paint for Kids

  We have found lots of fun ways to paint the snow over the years. Rosie and Jewel love using the snow as a giant canvas to make art.   Today, we made our own snow paint using Kool-Aid . Read on for the easy recipe tutorial.    For all the best kids activities follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook . HOW TO MAKE SNOW PAINT USING KOOL-AID Materials Kool-aid packets Squirt bottles /spray bottles Water Note:  If you don't have Kool-Aid packets you can use food coloring for this activity! Method Add one flavor packet of Kool-Aid to an empty squirt bottle, using one bottle for each color of snow paint that you wish to make.  You can also use spray bottles. Fill the bottles with warm water. Secure the lids onto the bottles, and then have kids shake them until the Kool-Aid is dissolved. That's it!  Now, It's time to  paint the snow ! My girls had a blast painting the huge canvas of snow, and they even used the paint to embellish their snowmen.  The kool-aid makes the snow p

Snow Ice Cream

One of our favorite things to do when it snows is to make  snow ice cream .  It is very easy and so delicious!  If you have snow where you are try turning some into a yummy treat.  Read on to see how you can easily  make snow ice cream  at home.

Snow Play Activities

  There are so many fun  ways for kids to play in the snow.   We have gotten quite a bit of the white stuff this Winter and have really tried to make the most of it.  Here 25 unique and FUN ways for kids to play in the snow!

No Candy Valentines

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the kids are sure to get enough candy.   Here are 20 adorably cute NO CANDY Valentines  that are easy & fun.  

Valentine Activities for Kids

Are you looking for Valentine's Day themed activities for kids? Well, look no further- here are tons of fun valentines ideas including art, science, games, and more!

Cardboard Tube Crafts

With two little girls in the house we go through a ton of toilet paper and paper towels!   And as a result of that we always have an abundance of cardboard tubes on hand to use for  crafts .  What can you craft with those tubes you ask?  Here are 50 incredible creations that your kids will love!

Tube Craft for Kids

We have found so many fun and creative ways to use cardboard tubes over the years.  Today, I am sharing a simple tube craft that kids of all ages are sure to love.  First, kids get to make a person.  Then, they get to cut and style their hair!  Sounds fun, right?  Strengthen fine-motor-skills while playing, and give this simple activity a try!  Read on for the easy craft tutorial.

Winter Science for Kids

Explore science in the winter with these simple and fun experiments for kids . These experiments explore cold temperatures, ice, and snow.

Snowman Crafts for Kids

Do you want to build a snowman?   Here are 65 fun and creative  snowman crafts for kids to make this winter.