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Scented Water Beads

Have your little ones ever explored with water beads ?   They are so incredibly fun!  Rosie and Jewel love them and even I can't keep my hands out of them when we make them.  The other day we made a fresh batch of water beads and scented them for some super sensory FUN!  Read on for the full tutorial.

Heart Stamp Craft

Did you know that you can turn potatoes and other root vegetables into super fun stampers for kids.  Today, we used heart-shaped cookie cutters to make heart stamps.  Then, we used the stamps to make wrapping paper for Valentine's Day .

Valentines Rice Recipe

Dyed rice  makes a great  play material  for kids of all ages.   It is less messy than  play sand .  It is easy to color, and there are tons of fun ways to use it in  sensory bins !  Today, we are sharing a simple  rice recipe  perfect for  valentines  themed play. 

Valentines Day with Kids

   There are so many fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids!   Here are 30 simple ideas to show your little loves just how special they are.

Valentines Science for Kids

Fall in love with science  with these fun  Valentine's Day themed experiments for kids !

Grow Heart Pops

Wow kids of all ages with this fun & creative valentines craft !   Did you know that  you can  grow lollipops ?  All you need are "seeds" and a bit of imagination.  Read on to see how  we turned tiny   heart candies into   a fun activity !

Printable Valentines for Kids

  Why buy what you can make, or in this case- print?   Here are thirty  FREE  printable valentines  for kids  that they are sure to love!

Sticky Heart Collages

Keep kids busy while strengthening  fine-motor skills   with this fun & creative  craft for kids !   These  heart sun-catchers were a big hit with my girls and kept them occupied on a long day stuck inside.   We kept this craft set up all day, and Rosie and Jewel returned to their " sticky hearts"  often.  Read on for the easy tutorial.

Valentines Boxes for Kids

Are you looking for Valentines box ideas ?   Here are 50 that kids of all ages are sure to love!  With all of these fun ideas picking which box to make might be the only challenge!

Snow Storm Experiment

We love coming up with fun ways to play in the snow , and when we don't have the real thing we are quite versed on making our own .   Today, we experimented to see if we could make a snow storm in-a-jar ! The results were pretty "cool"! Read on for the easy tutorial.

Snow Volcano Experiment

Do your kids love to  play in the snow ?   If so they will love this easy  winter experiment !

New Years Eve for Kids

  There are so many fun ways to  celebrate the new year with kids .  Here are 20 ideas that the entire family is sure to love!