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Potty Train in Just 3 Days

Potty training my older daughter  Rosie was such an intimidating task and one I had been dreading and avoiding.  The horror stories I had heard from others coupled with the arrival of my younger daughter so close to the time Rosie began showing readiness signs made me nervous. So much so that I began putting the process off.  Now, in hindsight, I have no idea what I was so worried about. Successfully Potty Train in Just 3 Days

Glowing Bath Play Ideas

While we loved our Glowing Outer Space bath , some people expressed concern for the safety of using the glow water  in this way.  So, if adding the traditional glow water directly to your child's bath water makes you a little uneasy, here are a few alternative ways that we have made bath time GLOW! Glowing Bath Play Ideas Use tonic water in place of highlighter water to make kids bath water GLOW  Tonic water makes kids bath water glow a COOL blue.  It is 100% safe.  No harmful chemicals.  No highlighters.  Just a safe, edible beverage found at almost any grocery store.  You can use regular or diet variety.  Neither will make the water sticky.  It will feel exactly like plain old water only it GLOWS!  We used one 2 liter of tonic, and our water glowed insanely bright.  Just add the tonic right to the tub as you are filling the bath Then flip the lights off and the blacklight on.   Easy peasy and SO FUN!  My girls always have a blast when we make their bath glo