Sand Slime Play Recipe

A few weeks ago we bought a 20 pound bag of sand from Home Depot for $5, and we have been having so much fun creating sand play recipes and activities.  So far we have made colorful MAGIC Sand and whipped up some super FUN quicksand.  Today, we are sharing another fun way to PLAY with sand.

Sand Slime Play Recipe 
How to make Sand Slime.  What could be more fun than super stretchy, OOZING sand?  Out of all the ways we have played with sand this has definitely been a favorite!  This recipe is super easy, too!
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What could be more fun than super stretchy, OOZING sand?  Out of all the ways we have played with sand this has definitely been a favorite!  This recipe is super easy, too!

Sand Slime Recipe (affiliate links provided)


Given that you only need two ingredients plus sand to make this slime you can easily whip it up at the beach or right in the sand box at home.  All you have to do is combine the above ingredients in a sand bucket and mix.  You can add more or less sand to create different consistencies and textures.  This time we used two scoops of play sand from our sand box, but we have used varying amounts and have even used colored sand in the past.

How to make sand slime (recipe) Sand Slime Recipe- super Summer FUN!

The mixing is all part of the fun.  At first the ingredients will be sticky and gooey, but after a minute of mixing the perfect, most glorious slime will form. 

Sand Slime Recipe.  What could be more fun than super stretchy, oozing sand?

 Jewel had so much fun making oozing sand castles.  She also loved stretching and pulling the sand and watching it change forms in her hands.

Sand Slime Recipe- super Summer FUN!
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What a fun new way to play with sand!  We will definitely be making this next time we go to the beach; what a simple way to extend our Summer beach fun!  Jewel played with the slime for a long time, and then we stored it away for another day.  

A Few Tips:  Clean up is pretty easy, but you will want a water source nearby to wash kids hands after play.  The hose works great, and if you are at the beach then you are all set!  Liquid starch can be found in the laundry aisle of most stores or online here.  Store the slime in a zip seal bag or air tight container, and it will stay good for several months.

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