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Alphabet Ice Paint

During the Summer months we love to play and explore with ice.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow-in-the-dark bowling is an activity I have been anxiously waiting to do with my girls.

Magic Water Painting

Painting with water is a fun and frugal Summer activity that kids love.

Ways to Play With Sand

Rosie and Jewel love sand , and we have found so many fun and unique ways to play with it.

Calming Lavender Water Beads

Not long ago we shared a simple recipe for calming lavender cloud dough .

Frozen Mind Jars

I can not tell you how much joy this simple craft has brought to my little Frozen movie fanatics.

Build Olaf DIY Toy

Rosie and Jewel loved the  build a snowman toy  I made for them over the Winter.

Rain Painting

This past Winter we made paint using snow as one of the ingredients, and Rosie and Jewel loved it!