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Neon Melted Crayon Art

My kids loved the  neon crayon eggs  that we made the other day, so I knew that they would LOVE this next  activity !

Food Coloring Dyed Eggs

Did you know that you can dye super vibrant Easter eggs using food coloring?

Glowing Crayon Eggs

Are you looking for an  easy and mess-free way to  decorate Easter eggs  with the   kids this year?

Marbleized Glow Eggs

We have found so many fun ways to   decorate Easter eggs  over the years, but this next  egg dyeing technique  has to be the most stunning!

Ivory Soap Experiment

Did you know that Ivory soap floats ?

Glowing Egg Geodes

Did you know that you can easily  make geodes  at home  using  eggshells ?

Cloud Experiment for Kids

Learn all about clouds and how they form with the cloud in-a -jar experiment !

Glowing Noodle Necklaces

My kids love to play and explore with things that  glow-in-the-dark !

Glowing Ice Experiment

One sure way to get kids loving  science  is to  make it GLOW !

Skittles Rainbow Experiment

Wow the kids while exploring  science  with the Skittles  rainbow experiment !

Rainbow Milk Experiment

Wow the kids while exploring science with the magic milk experiment !

Growing Shamrocks with Kids

Celebrate  St. Patrick's Day  while exploring  science  and  grow shamrocks!

Storm in a Jar Experiment

Wow kids of all ages and make a glowing  rainstorm !

Flower Experiment for Kids

We first tried this  science experiment  using roses when Rosie was a toddler.