Grinch Slime Recipe

Today I am sharing three holiday slime recipes.  Perhaps you will love one or want to try them all.  This Grinch slime was one of our favorites from last Christmas.  We made it two ways last year, and both were tons of fun!

Grinch Slime 
Recipe for Play
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Slime is one of Rosie and Jewel's favorite ways to play.  We have found all sorts of ways to make slime, too!   You can find all of our slime recipes here.  Grinch slime is a slight alteration of our base slime recipe.   Simply changing the name, adding a holiday scent, and adding a Grinch theme brought lots of new excitement to one of Rosie and Jewel's favorite ways to PLAY.

Grinch Slime Recipe (affiliate links provided)
   Combine and mix the above ingredients in a bowl

We added 3-5 drops of Christmas essential oil to give our Grinch slime the perfect holiday scent.  It smells a lot like Christmas scented pine cones.  We love our Christmas essential oil and use it in activities often during the holidays.  If interested you can get it here.  You could just as easily use cinnamon or peppermint extract from your pantry or skip the addition of scent altogether.

In a second bowl combine
  • 3/4 teaspoons of borax
  • 1 & 1/3 cups very warm water
Mix the borax into the water and dissolve.  Once the ingredients of both bowls are mixed combine both bowls.  Mix the ingredients with your hands

As you mix the slime will form

There will be water left over in the bowl.  That can be thrown away.  Add Grinch ornaments or other festive Christmas items and the play can begin.

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Our Grinch slime smelled just like Christmas.  Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun recreating parts of the movie with their Grinch ornaments in the slime.

Lat year we added homemade Grinch craft foam shapes and made OOZING Grinch faces.   We also played in our slime with different sized heart shaped cookie cutters.

Be sure to check out how we made GLOWING Grinch Slime last year

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