Glow in the Dark Salt Dough Recipe

My girls LOVE things that glow in the dark.  They have been having so much fun making their own ornaments for the tree that I knew they would love to make a few glow in the dark ornaments.

Glow in the Dark Salt Dough
Make glow in the dark ornaments for the tree with this EASY salt dough recipe- kids LOVE things that GLOW!
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All I had to do was add a bit of glow in the dark paint to the traditional salt dough recipe to make amazing glow in the dark ornament dough.  This glowing dough only requires a few common household ingredients and NO COOKING!

Glow in the Dark Salt Dough Recipe (affiliate links provided)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and knead with your hands for a few minutes.  If the dough is at all sticky simply add a bit more flour and knead.  Easy peasy and FUN for the kids!  Give your little ones a few cookie cutters and they will delight in making their own glow in the dark ornaments.

Glow in the Dark Salt Dough Recipe
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One thing I love about these ornaments is that they are white when the lights are on.  This creates a perfect canvas so kids can paint them if they want to make them decorative during the day.  Once the lights are out they will still be all aglow

Glow in the Dark Salt Dough Recipe
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A few tips:  Don't forget to pierce a hole in the ornaments before leaving them to dry.  It takes roughly 24 hours for the ornaments to completely dry.  Use colorful glow in the dark paint to make ornaments that will be colorful during the day but that will also GLOW at night.  Depending on the glow in the dark paint you use you may need to add a touch more to your recipe.  I recommend turning off the lights once the dough mixed to see if you need more before rolling it out for kids to make their ornaments.  I also recommend rolling the dough out on wax paper to prevent sticking.

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