Glowing Homemade Bath Paint!

Rosie and Jewel love painting at bath time, and mommy loves it too!  All the mess is contained and washes right down the drain once play time is over.  We have made many different varieties of paint for bath time, but this glowing bath paint is still the favorite.   It is so simple to make, too!

GLOWING Bath Paint

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All you need to make glowing bath paint is shaving cream and fluorescent or glow in the dark paint

glowing bath paint recipe

Ina bowl or container combine the desired amount of shaving cream with a bit of paint.  We always use a muffin tin s that we can mix lots of colors.  You only need to mix a drop of paint into the shaving cream to make the bath paints GLOW!  Mixing the paint into the shaving cream allows for easy clean up once bath time is over as shaving cream is a great cleaning agent.  

The girls are always so excited by the GLOWING paint

Glowing bath paint

Trying to decide on what color she wanted to paint with

Glowing bath and glowing paint
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 Creating her masterpiece

Glowing bath paint recipe

Glow bath
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Glowing bath paint recipe

Rosie has asked to make the bath walls glow again this evening, and I can't wait to see her bath art light up the room!

Note- if you use glow in the dark paint you will need to charge the paint by a light source before turning out the lights.  If you use fluorescent paint you will need a blacklight

Happy Playing

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