Santa Slime Recipe

We first made this fun slime last Christmas.  Rosie loved it so much that she actually remembered playing with it and specifically asked me to make it again.  I guess the other holiday slimes we made this year just weren't enough, but then again, what kid ever gets tired of playing with SLIME, right?

Santa Slime
SANTA SLIME- so fun for kids & smells just like Christmas!
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This slime is made very similar to our Grinch Slime.  That is another holiday slime you may want to try.

Santa Slime Recipe (affiliate links provided)
Combine the above ingredients in a bowl

In a separate bowl combine
  • 3/4 teaspoons of borax
  • 1 & 1/3 cups very warm water
Once the ingredients of both bowls are mixed combine them and mix

SANTA SLIME- so fun for kids & smells just like Christmas!

Continue mixing with your hands and the slime will form

Santa Slime Recipe

If the slime is at all sticky dissolve a tiny amount of borax in a tiny amount of water and add it to the slime.  We have occasionally had our slime turn out too runny or sticky, and this always does the trick.

Slime is so fun, and adding a holiday scent and theme really captivates kids.  Rosie and Jewel have played with this slime daily since we made it.  Stretch, pull, squeeze, make it ooze, and GIGGLE!

Santa Slime Recipe

Add a few festive Christmas decorations or cookie cutters to extend the fun

Santa Slime Recipe

A Few Tips:  We played with our slime right after seeing Santa in these photos, so my girls are dressed in nice clothes, but I do recommend wearing play clothes when playing with slime.  This is just in case any gets stuck to their clothes.  If it does stick to clothes it will wash out, but I do recommend washing the items in their own wash cycle.

You can also use white school glue when making Santa Slime and add food coloring and glitter to the recipe. You could also scent the slime using holiday essential oil or another favorite holiday scent.  Borax can be found in the laundry aisle of most stores or on Amazon here.


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