Snow Storm Experiment

We love coming up with fun ways to play in the snow , and when we don't have the real thing we are quite versed on making our own .   Today, we experimented to see if we could make a snow storm in-a-jar ! The results were pretty "cool"! Read on for the easy tutorial.

Snow Volcano Experiment

Do your kids love to  play in the snow ?   If so they will love this easy  winter experiment !

New Years Eve for Kids

  There are so many fun ways to  celebrate the new year with kids .  Here are 20 ideas that the entire family is sure to love!

Halloween Egg Hunt

Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun decorating Halloween eggs a few years ago.  With that idea in mind I thought it would be fun to sprinkle a little more Easter into this spooky holiday .  Read on to see how we set-up a Halloween egg hunt for kids .