Jun 1, 2013

Summer Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

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Yesterday we had some super Summer FUN exploring with exploding sidewalk chalk paint bags.  Rosie loved it so much she immediately asked to do it again.  While I am certain we will do it quite a few more times this Summer, today I wanted to try something a little different. 

MAGIC Sidewalk Squirt Paint
Sidewalk Squirty Paint - this stuff is so fun it kept my kids playing for a whole afternoon! {Only 3 ingredients!}
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As with most kids Rosie and Jewel love squirt bottles.  They love squeezing them to make liquid come out so much that old shampoo bottles are pretty much the favorite bath toy around here.  While we have tried squirt painting in a variety of ways in the past,  I was super excited to arm the girls with a bunch of magic sidewalk chalk filled squirt bottles and give them free rein to paint the town, or in this case, the pavement.

Magic Squirty Chalk Materials (affiliate links provided)
  • Corn starch
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Squirt bottles
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
You will need one squirt bottle for each color of paint you want to make.  Fill each bottle roughly 2/3 full with a corn starch and baking soda mixture.  I used roughly the same amount of both ingredients.

Add a few drops of food coloring and fill the bottles the rest of the way with water.   Then use a butter knife or similar to stir the ingredients.  The mixture is VERY thick at first, but soon all the ingredients melt into a colorful magic paint.  After you have the mixture mixed a bit place the cap on the squeeze bottles and shake them well (Rosie was happy to help with this part)  Note- you will also want to fill a couple squirt bottles with vinegar.

Then it is time to PLAY!

Both girls were super excited and jumped right in to start SQUIRT painting

They had a blast creating colorful sidewalk art

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Once all the bottles were empty Rosie immediately asked for more just like yesterday..... only this time I had a surprise- squirt bottles filled with VINEGAR!  The fun began again

The girls had tons of fun squirting their sidewalk paint with the vinegar to make it ERUPT

And splashing in the colorful eruptions was all part of the FUN!

A Few Tips:  I purchased six clear squirt bottles from Walmart for a $1 a piece some time ago, and we use them often for play.  Any bottles will do though, even old shampoo or condiment bottles.  I highly recommend the neon variety of food coloring.  It made the chalk paint colors super vibrant! 

Click the photos below to see some of the other ways 
we have played with sidewalk chalk

play recipe      Here is a sure fire way to WOW the kids this Summer!  Make your own glow in the dark chalk in a rainbow of colors using only two ingredients plust water.  This chalk glows in the dark, under UV light, and it even works in broad daylight!

Sidewalk Squirt Painting
MAGIC Sidewalk squirty paint- this easy to make pint is so fun it kept my kids playing for a whole afternoon!

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