Snow Dough Recipe for Play

This snow dough is one of my favorite snow play recipes that we have created.  It is amazingly soft, naturally cold, and so FUN to play with that I myself have a hard time putting it down.  It is also super easy to make, requiring only two ingredients and NO COOKING.

Snow Dough Recipe for Play
Snow Dough- amazingly soft, icy cold play dough for kids that requires only two ingredients and NO COOKING!
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You only need two ingredients to make this amazingly fun dough.  Snow Dough is naturally cold but can be made even colder by using refrigerated ingredients.  You can also add scent and sparkle if desired.

Snow Dough Recipe for PLAY
  • Corn starch (Freeze overnight to make the snow dough extra cold)
  • Lotion (Refrigerate overnight to make the snow dough extra cold )
  • Optional additions- glitter and peppermint extract

Add the desired amount of corn starch to a bowl.  We used one 16 oz box and that gave us more than enough snow dough.  We also froze our corn starch overnight to make our snow dough extra cold.  Mix in a few drops of peppermint extract if scent is desired.  Then slowly add lotion until the desired consistency is reached.  We used roughly 1/2 of a 20 oz bottle of unscented body lotion purchased from Dollar Tree.  You can play with the consistency and add more or less lotion.   More lotion will give you a more oozey dough and less will give you a more powdery dough.  Both are mold-able and super fun to play with!

Snow Dough Recipe for play

Snow Dough Recipe for play

Don't forget to give kids embellishments to make snowmen

This dough seriously feels amazing!  It is SO SOFT and leaves hands feeling silky smooth after play.  Rosie and Jewel loved squishing, building, stacking, and molding

Snow Dough Recipe for play

When play time is over simply store the dough in a zip seal bag or air tight container for future play.  Store it in the refrigerator to keep it extra cold between play times if desired.  If it dries out at all just add a touch of lotion to return the snow dough to the desired consistency.

Two ingredient snow dough - this stuff is amazingly FUN and so easy to make!
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