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Glowing Bubbles for Kids

We love playing and exploring with  bubbles  in the warmer months!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

As another  school year  comes to an end many parents are looking for  teacher appreciation gift-ideas.

Kid Made Bird Feeders

Making  bird feeders  is a fun   spring activity for kids  that I look forward to doing with my girls every year.

Rock Candy Experiment

Making rock candy  is really easy and lots of fun for kids.

Wonder Dough Recipe

Whenever I am in need of an   activity for my kids  I usually find myself  experimenting  with ingredients.

Marshmallow Play Dough

If you are in need of a quick and fun activity for kids this marshmallow play dough is just the right thing!

Chores for Kids

We recently began giving our 4-year-old daughter chores .

Finger Paint Recipe

Did you know that you can do more with a box of  potato flakes  than make those  wanna-be mashed potatoes ?

Teething Tips & Remedies

While  teething  never really bothered Rosie, Jewel has been having  such a difficult time  with it.

Stop Temper Tantrums

How do you stop a young child's temper tantrum ?

Magnetic Slime Recipe

Take  slime  play  to a whole new level with this amazing  magnetic slime!

Glowing Oil & Water Experiment

My girls love science , and they also love things that glow-in-the-dark!

Fine Motor Activities

Strengthening a child's tiny hand muscles  is important for an array of early learning tasks including  cutting, drawing, & writing .

Edible Slime Recipe

Have you been hesitant to  make  slime  with your kids in worry that they might sneak a taste?

Oil & Water Experiment

This next  science experiment  is great for kids of all ages!

Homemade Floam Recipe

The process of  making play materials  at home is  fun and educational , and  kids  really enjoy playing with materials that they made themselves.

Super Bubbles Recipe

My kids love to play with bubbles during the warmer months.

Sidewalk Chalk Recipes

Sidewalk chalk  is one of our favorite  ways to play   during the warmer months.

Glowing Water Recipe for Kids

Did you know that you can make water that glows-in-the-dark ?