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Finger Paint Recipe

Let the littlest of littles create and explore with this easy to make  paint for kids !

Homemade Toys for Kids

Got bored kids?  Give these homemade toys a try!

Homemade Liquid Watercolors

We love finding unique & creative ways to make our own  art supplies.

Homemade Face Paint

Kids of all ages just love to have their face painted .  This experience is typically reserved for carnivals and other special outings.

Lavender Water Beads

Calm kids down while keeping them engaged with this easy  recipe for play .

Water Bead Painting

Have you ever  played  and explored with  water beads ?

Glow Floam Recipe

Wow kids of all ages and  make FLOAM  that  glows-in-the-dark !

Puffy Sand Paint

Don't just  play with sand  this  summer .   P aint with it!

Rain Paint for Kids

Turn  rain into  rainbows  with this super fun  activity for kids !

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

With just a few simple ingredients you can make dinosaur eggs that magically hatch as kids play!

Magic Treasure Rocks

Wow kids of all ages and make  magic treasure rocks !

Cosmic Cloud Dough

What would a  cloud  feel like if you could hold it in your hand?

Lavender Cloud Dough

Sometimes, all we need is a minute to breath .  If your kids have been feeling especially irritable or anxious lately give this easy   recipe for play   a try!

Rainbow Cloud Dough

Rosie and Jewel love  cloud dough .  We make it so often that I feel as though we have a batch in constant rotation.

Alphabet Ice Paint

Keep kids cool this summer while engaged in learning with this easy to  make alphabet ice !

Sick-Day Sensory Bin

Got sick kids?   Try adding a bit of  eucalyptus  into their  play !

Kool-aid Dyed Rice

Play and explore all the staples of  summer  with this easy to make  sensory bin for kids .

Cloud Dough Recipe

What would a  cloud  feel like if you could pick it up and squish it?

Quicksand Play Dough

Is it  sand , or is it  play dough ?  You decide!

Quicksand for Kids

We have been  playing with   sand  in all sorts of ways , a nd we have been having so much fun!

Space Bath for Kids

This  bath-time  was truly "out of this world"!

Glowing Bath Play Ideas

Take  bath time  up a notch and  make it glow !

Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

What kid doesn't love  bowling ?

Water Balloon Activities

What could be more fun on a hot day than  water-filled balloons ?

Chalk Filled Balloons

One of our favorite ways to create art in the summer is with varying  homemade chalks .

Spray Chalk Recipe

Got bored kids?  Keep them happy and playing with this simple  recipe for play .

Glowing Ice Paint

Ice is fun.  Chalk is fun.   Glow-in-the-dark ice chalk  is ultimate fun!

Glow-in-the-Dark Chalk

We love to play and explore with  sidewalk chalk  during the warmer months.

Ice Chalk Recipe

This  ice chalk recipe  takes seconds to make and will keep kids playing for hours!

"Magic" Chalk Recipe

Playing with  sidewalk chalk  is one of Rosie and Jewel's favorite  summer activities .