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Water Balloon Paint War

The girls had so much fun sidewalk splat painting with chalk filled balloons and also loved water balloon painting .

Sidewalk SPLAT Painting

Both of my girls love to paint and create!

Magic Sand Recipe

We bought a 25 pound bag of play sand from Home Depot last week, and we have been finding all sorts of NEW and FUN ways to play with it.

Homemade Quicksand Recipe

We have been playing and exploring with sand in all sorts of new and FUN ways, and I am so excited to share them here!

Diaper Rash Remedies

With Jewel almost two and Rosie well on her way to the age of four we thought we just might make it through the diapering era never having to deal with a bad case of diaper rash.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Nothing screams summer like a tasty frozen treat!