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Rainbow Dyed Noodles

I remember  dyeing noodles  as a kid so that we could make pasta necklaces.    That was always  so much fun!

Glowing Spaghetti

Play with the  rainbow  like never before and make  glowing spaghetti noodles !

Glowing Party for Kids

Throw the ultimate  glow-in-the-dark party  for kids with these super fun ideas!

Lava Lamp Sensory Bags

Wow kids of all ages and  make a lava lamp  in-a-bag!

Solar Oven for Kids

Wow kids of all ages this summer and use the sun to  make s'mores !

Balloon Painting for Kids

Rosie and Jewel love  balloons !  They love to pop them, they love to  fill them with water , and they just love to  play  with them!