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Goop Slime Recipe

Goop slime  is such a fun  sensory material  and one that is perfect for  kids  of all ages.

Sticky Sand Recipe

Do your kids love  sand ?

Fireworks Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the forth of July with this collection of fireworks crafts for kids .

Summer Science for Kids

We love to  play and learn  with  science .

Firecracker Slime

We have been having a blast  adding Pop Rocks  to  our kids activities  to give them the element of sound.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Kids feel a deeper sense of pride when they  make a gift  rather than buying it, and receiving a  handmade gift  from a child really is the best!

Father's Day Gifts

Here is a great collection of  Father's Day gift ideas   that  kids can make  themselves.

Baking Soda & Vinegar Play

Kids of all ages absolutely love to experiment with baking soda and vinegar .

Glowing Volcano Experiment

Rosie and Jewel love to  experiment  with  volcano science .

Science for Kids

Foster a love for science with these fun experiments perfect for even the youngest scientists .

Glowing Fireworks Experiment

Wow the kids this summer and make fireworks in-a-jar !

Glowing Water Beads

Are you familiar with  water beads ?

Fizzy Pop Chalk

Today, we took one of our favorite  chalk recipes  and added  one simple ingredient  to make the most epic  sidewalk paint  we have tried so far!

Sidewalk Paint Recipe

We love to play and explore with  sidewalk chalk  during the warmer months.

Ice Paint Recipe

We have been having lots of fun  exploring with ice  as we continue to find  ways to stay cool this summer .

Sand Slime Recipe

Today, we combined a few of our favorite things to make the most amazing play   slime for kids !

Sand Volcano Experiment

WOW the kids this  summer  and  make a  sand   volcano !

Neon Glitter Recipe

Rosie and Jewel love making their own  art supplies .