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Snow Foam Recipe

Make snow   using shaving cream!    

Grow a Candy Cane

Grow a  candy cane  this holiday, and delight your little one with the  magic of the season !

Snow Volcano Experiment

Do your kids love to  play in the snow ?

Crazy Hair Ideas

Do your  kids  have  crazy-hair-day  at their  school ?

Glow Slime Recipe

Here is an easy way to make your own  glow-in-the-dark slime   using just three ingredients and  NO BORAX!

Halloween Slime Recipe

Follow this  easy recipe  to make  Halloween slime  that  glows-in-the-dark .

Pumpkin Slime Recipe

Slime  is one of our favorite ways to play.  We have found tons of fun  ways to make it  over the years, too!

Glowing Crystals Experiment

Wow the kids while teaching them about science and grow crystals that glow-in-the-dark !

Kool-aid Dyed Pasta

There are so many  ways to use dyed noodles  in  kids activities .

Goblin Guts Recipe

Whip up a batch of  goblin guts  and set the kids loose on a  Halloween   treasure hunt !

Ghost Rice Recipe

Rosie and Jewel loved the glow-in-the-dark rice that we made SO much that we were inspired to make more.

Ghost Mud Recipe

This next   play recipe   is SO FUN it really is a must try  activity for kids .

Ghost Lollipops for Kids

Rosie and Jewel look forward to making ghost lollipops each Halloween .

Carved Pumpkins Tips

C arve those pumpkins  early in October  without having them rot !

Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Today, we are sharing a fun and creative way for kids to  decorate pumpkins   without carving.

Spider Slime Recipe

We LOVE  slime !

Ghost Foam Recipe

Forget  play dough - make  ghost FOAM !

No-Cook Cinnamon Ornaments

Here is a simple way to  make amazing  cinnamon ornaments  for your Christmas tree this year.

Ghost Slime Recipe

This  slime  is so fun it will literally  give you chills!

Pumpkin Paint Recipe

This  pumpkin  paint recipe  is perfect for  Fall arts and crafts .

Neon Pumpkin Seeds

When you are  carving those pumpkins  this year why not save  the seeds and  use them for arts, crafts, and other  Fall activities ?

Unicorn Pumpkin Decorating

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to decorate those pumpkins this year?

Pine Cone Turkey Crafts

Gobble gobble, Thanksgiving is almost here!

Pumpkin Lanterns Craft

Wow the kids this  autumn  and make  glowing  jack-o-lanterns !

No-Cook Play Clay Recipe

This  no-cook  play  clay   recipe  is perfect for busy moms.