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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Here are 25 frightfully adorable Halloween crafts  for kids to make this Fall .   These are great for use in the classroom as well as at home.

Halloween Fun for Kids

Make the most of  Halloween  with this collection of  crafts and activities for kids !  WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!  It just might be my favorite  holiday , and I truly love them all.  Anyhow, if you are reading this then it must be fall .  Are you ready to get your spook on?

Halloween Hacks for Kids

Like most moms I am incredibly busy, but I still like to find simple ways to wow my kids over the  holidays .   Here are  50 GENIUS Halloween hacks  to help you win this  spooky-fun holiday  the easy way! 

Grow Jack-o-Lanterns

Did you know that you can grow a jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin seed?  Sounds magical , doesn't it?  This activity was inspired by the time that we grew candy canes .  Younger children will simply be in awe as long as you don't tell them the "secret".  Are you ready to see how we grew jack-o-lanterns from pumpkin seeds?

Ghost Eggs Experiment

I love coming up with fun and creative  science experiments  for kids.  Rosie and Jewel always have so much fun with them, too!  Today, we put  a spooky twist  on one of our favorite  science activities  and made  ghost eggs !  Read on, and be amazed!

Genius Pumpkin Hacks

Those pumpkins aren't just for carving!  Did you know that you can use a  pumpkin  as a planter?  How about a cooler?   Here, you will find  25 mind blowing ways  to use those gourds this year!

Ghost Leaves Craft

Here is a fun  craft   for  kids  to make this  autumn , and you don't even need paper!  Why waste paper made from a tree when you can use it's already fallen  leaves ?  Skip the paper, and  make ghost leaves  instead!

Halloween Party Favors

Kids get more than enough candy during Halloween, don't you think?  Here, you will find a collection of amazing  Halloween treats and party favors that AREN'T CANDY.    Each of these favors can easily be made at home, and they are completely candy free!

Halloween Party Games

Throw the ultimate  Halloween party for kids  with this collection of super  fun games !  If you are a room parent, school teacher, or child-care provider this compilation is sure to make your party planning a bit easier this year.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ghosts and goblins and witches, too!   Here are over thirty   BOO-tiful paper plate crafts   for kids to make this fall.

Apple Stamping Craft

Turn apples into art and make  apple stampers ! This is one  fall craft  we revisit every year.  We always begin by going apple picking.

Apple Volcano Experiment

Rosie and Jewel love exploring with  baking soda and vinegar .   We have found so many fun  ways to play  with these simple ingredients, too!  Today, we removed the core from a few  apples  to  make   apple volcanoes!   Are you ready to see how? 

Halloween Science Activities

Do your kids love  science  as much as mine do?  What about  Halloween ?  Combine the two like never before with these SPOOKY science experiments for fall.

No Carve Pumpkins

Do you have little ones at home that aren't quite ready to carve pumpkins ?   Or, maybe you are just looking for other fun ways to decorate those pumpkins this year.  Here, I am compiled an amazing collection of pumpkin ideas for kids that do not require carving !

Fall Crafts for Kids

We love all things autumn including apples, pumpkins, and playing in leaves! Here, you will find a collection of Fall crafts  that feature these seasonal staples and that kids of all ages are sure to love!

Alphabet Activities for Kids

There are so many fun ways for kids to  learn  and review  the alphabet .  Here, you will find a collection of  letter  crafts and activities  that Rosie and Jewel love!

Apple Crafts for Kids

We have been having so much fun playing with apples this week!  We explored science with apple volcanoes, played with apple moon sand , and made an array of apple crafts .