Oct 10, 2013

Wonder Dough Recipe for Play

Today was one of those days where I needed a quick and simple activity to keep the kids entertained and help fight that boredom.  This got me thinking about all the recipes for play that we make which require little to no preparation.  Today, we will be sharing the first in a series of simple play recipes that you can easily make within minutes using nothing more than what you likely have on hand.

Wonder Dough Recipe for Play
Wonder dough- only two ingredients and NO cooking required to make this fun recipe for PLAY
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Wonder dough is similar to play dough only it magically changes consistencies during play which always provokes wonder and awe in my girls. This dough recipe requires no cooking and only TWO ingredients!

Wonder Dough Recipe for Play (affiliate links provided)
These two simple ingredients make such a FUN and amazing dough for kids to play and explore.  All you have to do is add the desired amount of corn starch to a bowl.  Then slowly add the paint of your choice and mix

recipe for play

recipe for play

Slowly mix in more paint until you reach the desired consistency

recipe for play

Using your hands will help make the mixing process easier and faster, but you will want to wash your hands once the dough is almost done being mixed.  This step is important as the mixing is sticky and messy and you need clean hands to finish the kneading process.  Once washed, dry your hands and mix just a little more.  You will then be left with an amazing dough

recipe for play

We have never had to do this, but depending on the paint you use you may need to add the tiniest dribble of water.   If your dough is a tad dry or crumbly just mix a drop or two of water in to finish the dough off.

One really cool thing about WONDER dough is that you can add varying amounts of paint each time you make it to get different dough consistencies.  Different types of paint will also produce different doughs.  We have had so much fun exploring with these ingredients to make different dough textures.  Some are really OOZE-y & transform in texture as kids play

Wonder Dough- an amazing mold-able dough that transforms as kids play!

Some are more dough-like and act much like traditional play dough

The oozing doughs are mold-able and hold their form while being played with, but once tiny hands are left still they slowly melt, turning to a liquid-like dough.  Such great fun!  For a more traditional play dough use less paint.  To get the OOZE use more or add a touch of water to your recipe.  It is also fun to experiment with different paint varieties.  

Really, just play with these ingredients and see what FUN doughs you and the kids can whip up!  All of them are SO FUN!  And the best part, these WONDERful doughs take seconds to make!  This is one of our go-to play recipes when we are in need of a fast and fun activity.  You definitely want to tuck this one in your back pocket for a rainy day!

Wonder Dough Recipe for PLAY
Amazing wonder dough recipe for play- only two ingredients and no cooking!

2 Ingredients- TONS of FUN!

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We first made WONDERdough during the Summer.  We have since added one other ingredient to this fun and simple recipe for play and created another amazing material.  Be sure to follow along with our simple recipes for PLAY series to find out what it is............

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Simple Play Recipes for when you need to keep the kids happy and time is short

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