Halloween Egg Hunt

Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun decorating Halloween eggs a few years ago.  With that idea in mind I thought it would be fun to sprinkle a little more Easter into this spooky holiday .  Read on to see how we set-up a Halloween egg hunt for kids .

Egg Experiments for Kids

The incredible, edible egg!   These fun science experiments illustrate just how incredible the egg really is.  Read on to see how you can make an egg bounce, glow, turn into a ghost, and more!

Halloween Spooky Eggs

Why should Easter have all the fun?  If you find yourself in need of a fun activity  for the kids this fall give Halloween egg decorating a try! For all the best kids activities follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook .  Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun with this  festive craft .  First, they got to  dye eggs .  Then, they got to transform them into  spooky Halloween characters .  Read on for the full craft tutorial. DYEING & DECORATING EGGS FOR HALLOWEEN Materials Kool-aid packets  or  food dye Hot water Vinegar Cups/bowls Spoons Paper towels Method Begin by boiling  eggs  as you normally would.  Read our full tutorial on  how to  prepare perfectly boiled eggs . Allow the eggs to cool. While the eggs are cooling you can prepare the dye.  There are many ways to dye eggs.  Check out how we dyed eggs with Kool-aid and food coloring .  Today, we used Kool-aid. Allow the dye to seep into the  eggs  until the desired colors are achieved. Then, remove the eggs from the dye and allow

Halloween Tube Crafts

Today, we rummaged through our art supplies in search of a fun Halloween craft that we could make.  While looking I stumbled upon the cardboard tube mummies that we crafted a few years ago.  That was the inspiration I needed!  So, we gathered our supplies and set out to make an array of spooky crafts using cardboard tubes .  Read on to see what we came up with and the materials used.