Jan 19, 2015

Easy & Healthy Crock Pot Recipes Kids Love

I am a huge fan of crock-pot cooking as long as it is healthy.  In fact, I use my slow cooker almost every day.  I hate cooking, but my crock pot takes all the leg work out of it and makes it super easy for me.  I mean, us tired moms have enough to do without worrying about cooking a huge dinner at the end of the day, right?

Here I have compiled my very favorite slow cooker recipes.  These recipes are all really easy and HEALTHY!  Like most moms I want to raise healthy kids, and these recipes help me to do just that.  My kids really enjoy these dinners, which is always a win as well!

Easy & Healthy 
Crock Pot Recipes
Easy & HEALTHY Crock Pot Recipes for Busy Moms- my kids love these recipes & I love how easy they are to make!

Jan 18, 2015

Homemade Kinetic Sand

Rosie & Jewel have been wanting kinetic sand since they first saw it in the store.  We often see it on display and set out to try, and while it is lots of fun it is also very expensive.  When faced with situations like these I love to try to make play materials before buying them.  Here is a super inexpensive way to make your own kinetic sand at home.

Homemade Kinetic Sand
Homemade kinetic sand- Squishy, mold-able, & lots of fun!  Why waste your money on the store bought stuff when you can easily make this recipe at home!

Jan 14, 2015

Galaxy Dough {Play Recipe}

Rosie and Jewel got a telescope for Christmas, and they have been having so much fun exploring the night sky.  To extend that interest I whipped up a batch of GALAXY DOUGH for them.  This dough is really easy to make and so fun!  It is super smooth, ultra sparkly, and REALLY stretchy.  Needless to say it is quite hard to put down.

This play material requires no cooking and can be made in just a few minutes.  Using baby oil in this recipe produces a much smoother dough than what you might be used to, and it also has a delightful smell.  Adding a few drops of glycerin makes the dough really shiny and stretchy.

Galaxy Dough Recipe
GALAXY DOUGH is super smooth, ultra sparkly, & really stretchy.  This no cook recipe takes seconds to make & is so FUN!  My kids played four hours!

Jun 18, 2014

Alphabet Ice Paint & Play

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During the Summer months we love to play and explore with ice.  It is such a simple way to cool things down on a hot day, and there are endless play invitations you can set up.  Today, I pulled out our alphabet ice trays and made Kool-aid ice for the girls to play and learn with; they had so much fun!

Alphabet Ice Play
Kool-aid alphabet ice- a super fun way for kids to play & learn this Summer!
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Jun 10, 2014

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow in the dark bowling is an activity I have been anxiously waiting to do with my girls.   Now that it is warm enough and Rosie and Jewel are old enough we finally got our chance!  The girls were so excited to head outside with a glow in the dark bowling ball and go night bowling..... and they even got to make the glowing pins and ball themselves.

Night Bowling
Night bowling- a super fun activity for Summer.  The glowing ball and pins are easy to make, too!
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Jun 8, 2014

Magic Water Painting

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Painting with water is a fun and frugal Summer activity that kids love.  Today, I put a fun little twist on this activity and made magic water for Rosie and Jewel to paint with.  They had a blast, and the total cost of this play time was less than $1.

Magic Water Painting
Painting with MAGIC water- a fun and frugal activity for Summer that costs less than $1 and will keep kids playing for hours!

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Spray Chalk Recipe

Liquid chalk makes a great spray paint for kids and is sure to keep them busy for a good, long time.  It took hours for Rosie and Jewel to run out of the spray chalk, allowing them to create art on and off all day. The recipe is super easy, easily washes off of surfaces, and the spray bottles are also great for fine motor development.

Spray Chalk Paint
Spray Chalk- what a fun way for kids to make art this Summer!  Making the chalk takes seconds, and it easily washes off of the sidewalk and other outdoor surfaces.
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Jun 7, 2014

Amazing Ways to Play With Sand

Rosie and Jewel love sand, and we have found so many fun and unique ways to play with it.  Here is a collection of amazingly fun ways to play with sand this Summer including recipes for making your own sand right at home.

Amazing Sand Play
Amazingly fun ways to play with sand including recipes for aqua sand, magic sand, sand slime, sand paint, homemade colored sand, and how to make a sand volcano

Jun 5, 2014

Calming Lavender Water Beads

Not long ago we shared a simple recipe for calming lavender cloud dough.  Lavender is known for it's therapeutic properties, and the cloud dough really helped to sooth and lull Rosie and Jewel during difficult times.  Along that same thinking I made a batch of lavender water beads.  These have been great for play just before bed time, for use during time-out, and for anytime my girls simply need to calm down and refocus. 

Calming Lavender Water Beads
Lavender water beads helps soothe, calm, and relax little ones. It is AMAZING the effect these have on chilling out kids and refocusing their energies in positive ways. Great for time out, just before bed time, and anytime you need to calm kids down
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Jun 4, 2014

Frozen Mind Jars

{For all the best kids activities follow Growing a Jeweled Rose on Pinterest and Facebook}
I can not tell you how much joy this simple craft has brought to my little Frozen movie fanatics.  These work great as mind jars, calm down jars, and as snow globes.... and they only take minutes to put together!

Frozen Mind Jars
Frozen Mind Jars- easy to make and great for soothing kids and calming them down.  Great for time out time, too!
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