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Borax Free Slime

We have  made it move . We have  made it glow , We have  made it bounce , and we have even turned it  into snow .

Indoor Movement Activities

Keeping kids active  during certain times can be such a daunting task .

Sick Kid Dough

If your kids are anything like mine they probably have  stuffy or runny noses  much of the  winter .

Snow Play Recipes

What do you do when your kids are anxiously waiting to  play in the snow , but there isn't any?   You  make your own !

Snow Rockets for Kids

This  winter play activity  was "a blast!"

Snowman Slam!

Got  bored kids ?  This  snowman  slam  game  is easy to put together and lots of fun!

Snow Candy Recipe

Making   snow  candy  is a really fun  winter activity for kids , and it's so easy!

Squirty Snow Paint

Painting the snow  is one of our favorite  winter activities !

Snow Gems Recipe

My kids are dying for some   snow  this  winter ! Unfortunately, we haven't gotten any of the real stuff, so we have been  making our own snow .

Christmas Play Dough

We love play dough and are always finding fun ways to make it at home .

Glowing Snow Paint

My kids love snow paint !

Frozen Bubbles

My kids had so much fun with this simple bit of science .