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Leaf Painting

Turn fallen leaves into beautiful works of  art with this autumn craft for kids !

Spider Craft for Kids

Aren't these spiders absolutely adorable?

Handprint Spider Craft

What could be cuter than hand print spiders ?

Glowing Glue Recipe

Make your own  glow-in-the-dark glue  using this simple  craft recipe for kids .

Outdoor Activities for Kids

We love to get  outside  and  play  during the warmer months!

Exploding Chalk Recipe

My kids love  sidewalk chalk  in all it's forms.

Exploding Baggies

We had so much fun with our  exploding sidewalk chalk  that we decided to make more, this time with a  Halloween  twist.

Apple Moon Sand

If your kids like  play dough , then they will love  MOON SAND!

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Nothing says Fall quite like pumpkins . I love ALL things pumpkin and have had so much fun creating crafts , play recipes , and experiments using this autumn staple .

Fall Rice Recipes

Rice  makes a great  sensory material  for children.

Apple Dough Recipe

Cloud dough is such a fun sensory material , and it is so incredibly easy to make .

Sidewalk Smoke Bombs

Make sidewalk smoke bombs using this simple recipe for play .

Powdered Paint Recipe

Make your own  paint  powder  using  sidewalk chalk !

Edible Water Beads

Water beads  are an amazing   sensory material  for children who are out of the mouthing stage.

Kool-aid Finger Paint

Make  taste-safe   paint for kids  using   kool-aid !

Kool-aid Rock Candy

Making rock candy  is a really fun  activity for kids  that doubles as a great   lesson in science .

Kids Science Experiments

Science  or magic- you decide!

Jello Play Dough

Make play dough for kids using boxed  Jello !

Doodle Paint for Kids

Do your kids love to  paint  and create?

Kool-aid Bubbles

My kids love to play & explore with  bubbles !

Kool-aid Hacks

Kool-aid  is so inexpensive, and there are so many fun  ways to use it!