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We kicked off a new Summer Sensory Play series a few weeks ago, and we have been having such a blast FREEZING things to create NEW and FUN playtimes.  So far we have made freezy doughfreezy GOO, MAGIC treasure ice,  freezy paint, Summer Snow, and monster ice.  Today's frozen experiment was one I was most excited to try, and it did not disappoint!

Freezy Ice Chalk Play Recipe

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I love taking the same base ingredients and finding new ways to play with them.  Magic Ice chalk uses the exact same ingredients as many of the other play recipes we have created like freezy GOO, erupting GOOP,  and fizzing sidewalk chalk.  Exploring the ingredients in a NEW and different way created a whole new activity and PLAY RECIPE.  I made some regular ice chalk and some FIZZING ice chalk, and both were TONS OF FUN!

To make Ice Chalk you will need:
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Ice chalk is very easy to make.  I used ice cube trays to make ours, but any freezer safe container can be used.  I filled each ice cube slot with roughly 30% baking soda and 40% corn starch.  Then I added a couple drops of liquid watercolor paint and filled the tray the rest of the way with water.  Gently mix, and then pop your trays in the freezer for 4-6 hours.  You can also skip the baking soda and just make regular chalk ice, however the MAGIC ice really was way more fun!

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You can use food coloring, but we knew from previous chalk paint play that the colors are quite faint.  However, using liquid watercolors produces wildly vibrant chalk.  If you use food coloring, be sure to use A LOT.

We headed outside with two full trays of ice chalk, a couple spray bottles of vinegar, and paint brushes, and the girls had a BLAST!

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Playing with ICY chalk on a hot day sure beats playing with plain old sidewalk chalk.  Besides that, this stuff really is way more FUN!  As you spray the magic chalk it erupts with color, and creates beautiful art effects!

ply recipe

 play recipe

The more you spray it the more the colors run to create BEAUTIFUL art!

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Jewel was fascinated with the ice chalk texture in itself, and had lots of fun making marks with the regular ice chalk.

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The girls also loved using a paint brush and dipping it in the chalk as it melted to create art

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 They played long after the ice chalk had melted and really had so much FUN!

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ice chalk play recipe

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Beat the Heat this Summer with FREEZY Ice Chalk
     Easy to make MAGIC Ice Chalk from Growing a Jeweled Rose- Sidewalk Chalk just got a whole lot COOLER, pun intended!
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