Hot Chocolate Winter Play for Kids

One day last week we were hibernating inside on a very cold day.  We had a bit of hot cocoa and my girls loved it so much that I was inspired to set up a little hot chocolate shop for them to play with after their nap.  This simple activity kept Rosie and Jewel engaged and un-bored for quite a while, a great feat on a long day inside.

Winter play for Kids
Let kids open up a hot chocolate shop for some Winter fun- pretend play & sensory exploration perfect for Winter
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Hot Chocolate Shop & Sensory Play

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The only part of this activity that took any time to set up was making the hot chocolate rice, and even that only took a few minutes.

Hot Chocolate Rice Materials
  • White rice
  • A zip seal bag
  • Chocolate extract
  • Optional- brown food coloring or water colors for added color
Add the desired amount of rice to the zip seal bag.  We buy our rice in bulk at Walmart for VERY cheap.  Squirt in a couple drops of chocolate extract.  Add a few drops of food coloring or watercolors if a rich brown color is desired.  Then add a few drops of water.  The water just helps the extract and coloring saturate the rice.  Seal the bag and mix until all the rice is saturated.  Lastly, lay the rice out on a cookie sheet or similar.  Our rice was dry by the time Rosie and Jewel woke from their nap

Hot Chocolate sensory rice

Once the rice was dry I poured it into a sensory bin and added cotton balls to act as marshmallows, cups, spoons, and a pot for the girls to cook the hot chocolate in.  I also sprinkled in iridescent glitter and left two glitter shakers out for Rosie and Jewel to use while they played

Hot chocolate shop - fun Winter play for kids
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The girls were so excited when they woke up and couldn't wait to start serving up chocolaty drinks

Hot chocolate shop and play

Hot Chocolate Winter Play for Kids

Winter play for kids

They mixed and concocted their chocolate drinks for a long time.  When they started to get bored we added a cash register to the fun.  I then played customer, ordering drinks and having Rosie and Jewel prepare them and ring me up.  

This simple activity was lots of fun & kept my girls entertained on a COLD Wintry day.

Easy to make hot chocolate sensory rice for pretend play & Winter FUN
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