Homemade Candy Corn Paint Recipe

Homemade puffy paint recipes are so easy to make and SO FUN!  These paints dry puffy allowing kids to make textured puffy art.  Some of the fun puffed paints we have made are puffy gingerbread paint, pumpkin paint, and glowing puffy paint.  Today we made a new batch of puffy paint perfect for Fall.

Candy Corn Puffy Paint Recipe
Homemade candy cor paint recipe perfect for Fall.  Easy to make and dries puffy!

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Not only are these paints incredibly fun but they are REALLY easy to make, too!  All you need are a couple common household items.

Homemade Candy Corn Paint Recipe
  • Shaving cream
  • White school glue
  • Orange and yellow food coloring
  • Vanilla extract
Mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream into three bowls.  Add a touch of vanilla extract to the bowls to capture the candy corn scent.  Then, add yellow food coloring to one bowl and orange food coloring to the other and mix.  That's it!  SO easy and SO FUN!

Homemade candy corn paint recipe- easy to make and dries puffy!

Kid's can paint with the colors separate or swirl the colors together to make fun art

Homemade candy corn paint recipe

Older kids can paint perfectly puffed candy corns

Puffy paint candy corns

These dry raised and have a fun texture.  Such FUN art!

Not only is this recipe great for art, but it is also great for PLAY!  

Candy corn fluff- like touching candy clouds {fun Play for Fall}

We had puffy paint left over so I added to a bin for the girls, and they had so much FUN with it.  Rosie said it felt like candy clouds... pretty cool!

Candy Corn Fluff- fun Fall sensory play

Check back to see how else we played with this fluffy candy corn paint.

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