Paint and PLAY - Electric Art

We have been having so much fun with the Paint and PLAY series that we are doing alongside Housing a Forest.  This week we challenged each other to get creative and create art with kitchen gadgets.  While Tammy found a fun way to paint with two brushes we pulled out our electric mixer to create swirled electric art.

Electric Art

Painting with an electric mixer- super fun for kids and the art effects are BEAUTIFUL!

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Rosie had so much fun painting with our electric mixer.  This activity was easy enough to set up, too!

Electric Mixer Painting - What you Need:
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While you could try this activity indoors we opted to keep the mess outside and used an outdoor outlet.  Given where the outlet is located outside the photos are not as bright as I would like, but the ultimate FUN of this activity is still illustrated.  I filled several bowls with paint and lined a box with white paper so that Rosie could hold the mixer in the box to paint.  This was great for catching all the beautiful paint splatters coming from all angles.  Set up only took a minute and then it was time to PLAY!

paint and play

We had a quick talk about safety before Rosie jumped in.  She has used a mixer several times in the kitchen, so I was not too concerned with her mishandling the mixer or touching it while in motion.  Please do talk with kids about safety before play.

Rosie loved covering the mixer's beaters in paint and then watching it spin from the mixer to create beautiful art

paint and play

Paint and play- electric art

Controlling the mixer's speed of motion by using the buttons was lots of FUN and created different effects

Electric art

Rosie was truly captivated by this activity and painted for quite some time

paint and play

And the paint splatters made from the mixer were so beautiful!

electric art using a mixer

paint and play- electric art

Electric Mixer Painting
Create beautiful works of art using an electric mixer- such a fun way for kids to create!

Now head on over to Housing a Forest to see the creative way they came up with to try

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