Homemade Bath Paint Recipe {Chalk Paint}

After Rosie and Jewel were done playing with the BEAUTIFUL Chalk foam we made the other day we turned it into a fun paint - perfect for bath time.

Bath Time Chalk Paint Recipe

Bath Time Chalk Paint Recipe- vibrant colors, a fun texture, and 100% washable paint perfect for bath time art

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This fun bath paint was not planned but a mere result of the SUPER FUN Chalk Foam sensory art activity I set up for the girls the other day.  What I love about this bath paint is that kids can make it themselves which is an activity in itself, and one my girls loved.

If you missed our chalk foam play time definitely check it out

Play Recipe

My girls had a blast squishing and mixing shaving foam and crushed chalk powder to make their own bath time chalk paint.  The paint is 100% washable and has a different texture than other foam paints we have tried.  Kids will also think it is so cool that they made the paints themselves.

Homemade Bath Paint Recipe

Bath Paint Recipe

Bath Paint Recipe

Vibrant colors, a fun texture, and at the end of play, it all washes straight away!

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