Paint and Play- Touch Painting

It is time for more Paint and Playand the creative challenge this week was just too FUN!  If you are unfamiliar, Paint & Play is a weekly art series where my friend Tammy of Housing a Forest and I encourage each other other to get creative by painting through different mediums with our kids.  It is all about the process, having fun ,and getting the kids creating.  The challenge this week was to try a form  of touch painting.  Tammy and I both came up with a fun way to have our little ones close their eyes and open their hands to explore their sense of touch in a SUPER way.

Paint & Play- Touch Painting

Touch painting- a super fun way to explore the sense of touch through art!

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The idea behind this creative challenge was to find a way to enhance the kids sense of touch while creating art.  A sure way to make one sense stronger is to take another away.  Tammy did this by setting up a touch paint box, and we kept it simple and used a blindfold.  The first thing I did was gather materials for Rosie to use to paint.

What we used:

  • Marshmallows
  • A bit of cooked pasta from dinner the night before
  • Giant pipe cleaners (purchased from Dollar Tree)
  • Temperature balloons- to make these I filled three balloons with water in varying temperatures
paint and play

I covered the bowls so Rosie couldn't see what was inside.  Then I laid poster board out and Rosie helped me squirt paint onto the paper.  She was able to see where the bowls were in relation to the paint before I slipped on the blind fold.  Then I uncovered the bowls and it was time to PLAY!

paint and play

Rosie loved this activity!  She giggled and giggled as she guessed what each material was.  Then, she delighted in using the materials as brushes to paint.

As Rosie painted I encouraged her to focus on what she was feeling

 Then we took the blind fold off so that Rosie could see what she had been painting with.   She was ecstatic to see one of her guesses was right.

We play with pasta often enough that she knew right away what it was.  As for the other materials, she had some good guesses, but none of them were spot on.  

This was such a fun way to explore the sense of touch! 

Touch painting- a super fun way for kids to explore their sense of touch through art!

I just love what Tammy created for her touch painting activity
 Be sure to head on over and see all the great fun they had!

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