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It is time for more Paint & PLAY with the lovely Housing a Forest!  If you are unfamiliar, Paint & PLAY is a weekly series where we challenge each other to get creative by painting through different mediums.  The challenge this week was to paint with ice.  Tammy did some super fun night painting with glowing ice and we made a variety of Summer SCENTED Ice Paints for kids to play & explore with while also staying cool!

Summer SCENTsory Ice Paints
Summer ice painting

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We made four different ice paints, each one capturing the essence of Summer through scent.  Not only are these ice paints scented, but they also have added texture, making them super sensory paints.

Watermelon Ice Paint
The watermelon ice paint was definitely my favorite.  Nothing says Summer to me quite like the smell of fresh watermelon waffling through the air.  The watermelon ice paints smell just like watermelon and turned out so cute, too!

paint and play ice painting

To make Watermelon Ice Paint you will need:
  • Red and green paint (we used washable tempera but any paint will work- you could also use food coloring if desired)
  • Dried black beans
  • One packet of watermelon kool-aid
  • A muffin tin, ice cube tray, or similar

We used a muffin tin to make our Summer ice paints, but you could use an ice cube tray or any similar container.  I filled two muffin slots 1/3 of the way with green paint and froze overnight.  Then I pulled the tin out of the fridge and added a bunch of black beans to the top of the frozen green paint.  I filled the muffin slots the rest of the way with red paint and froze.  I mixed the watermelon kool-aid into the red paint before freezing, but next time I would just sprinkle it onto the top of the watermelon ice right before play.  The kool-aid can make the washable tempera puff up which isn't really a big deal at all, but neither is adding the kool-aid once frozen.

ice painting

I topped the watermelon ice with a few black beans just before play

Cotton Candy Ice Paint
Cotton candy is another favorite scent of Summer.  Really, what is Summer without carnivals, amusement parks, and ball games?  All came with a serving of cotton candy when I was a girl , and still do now for Rosie and Jewel

To make Cotton Candy Ice Paint you will need:
  • Blue and pink paint (or food coloring)
  • One packet of cotton candy frosting powder (found in the baking aisle near the cake mixes)
  • A muffin tin, ice cube tray or similar
Making the cotton candy ice paint was super simple and I love how it turned out.  All I did was fill a couple muffin slots half way with blue paint.  Then I topped with pink paint and swirled the colors a bit using a popsicle stick.  I added more of either color as needed to get the desired swirl effect.  I mixed the cotton candy scent into the blue paint before adding any pink paint since the powder is blue

These smelled amazing and I loved the swirled paint effect!

Orange Creamsicle Ice Paint
Orange creamsicles are a favorite Summer treat of mine.  So yummy, and such a fun Summer ice paint to make!

I made the orange creamsicle ice paint the same way I made the cotton candy ice paint only I used orange and white washable tempera and one packet of orange cream frosting powder.

Lemonade Sensory ice Paint
The last scented ice paint I made for Rosie and Jewel was lemonade scented and had added texture similar to the watermelon ice, making it one of my favorites!

To make Lemonade Ice Paint you will need:
  • Yellow paint (or food coloring)
  • Sesame seeds or similar
  • One packet of lemonade kool-aid

I mixed all the ingredients together in a few muffin tin slots before freezing.  At first I was worried the paint wouldn't turn out because the kool-aid made it puff up, but it ended up turning out great!  The puffing only added to the neat texture

The girls loved these sensory ice paints and they were a great way to help them stay cool on a hot day while also having FUN!

Smelling the watermelon ice 

 The watermelon ice was definitely the favorite! 

The frozen beans mixed in with the ice had such a neat texture!

The girls painted with their ice on and off for about an hour

 I love using paint instead of just food coloring and water to make ice paint because it stays frozen longer.  We have found that water ice melts much faster.

What I would do different next time
I would add lemon zest to the lemonade paint to give it even more texture.  I think I would also add orange zest to the orange creamsicle paint.  I thought about making smore ice paint and wish I had.  Smore's are so fun for Summer no matter how you play with them (or eat them).

Now don't forget to pop over to Housing a Forest to see

How fun is that? 
I am definitely inspired and know my girls would love painting with glowing ice!

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