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It is time for more Paint and PLAY with the lovely Housing a Forest.  For those who are unfamiliar, Paint and PLAY is an ongoing series where Tammy and I challenge each other to get creative by painting through different mediums each week.  So far we have challenged each other to create art with balloons, put a spin on spin art, and try a form of pendulum painting.  This week the creative challenge was to come up with ways to paint with candy!

Painting with Candy & candy Art
Paint and play with candy art
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This was such a fun challenge and one with endless possibilities.  After lots of brainstorming Tammy and I both came up with 3 different ways to paint with candy.

Pop Rock Paint & POPPIN Art
I was so excited to try painting with pop rocks when I thought of the idea and it didn't disappoint!  We tried pop rock painting a couple different ways and both were lots of FUN!

Pop Rock Paint

For POP Rock Paint you will need:

  • Pop Rocks
  • The paint of your choice (we used washable tempera but you could use any type or even make your own base paint)

First we explored with the pop rocks and paint separate.  I poured the pop rocks into a container and had Rosie and Jewel dip their brushes and/or fingers in the paint and then in the pop rocks.

paint and play

 This worked great!  The pop rocks immediately starting POPPING upon touching the paint, and continued to pop for several minutes.  The popping slowed as time went on kind of like when you pop popcorn in a microwave.  The girls loved painting and creating with their POPPING Paint

paint and play

The POPPING on fingers produced lots of giggles, too!  It felt so neat!

paint with candy

 After they explored for a bit we took some paint and squeezed it directly into the dish of pop rocks to make super POPPING paint

candy art

This paint was SO FUN!  Making the Pop Rock paint in this way produced a lot more popping all at once but it didn't last as long.  If you look closely you can see the bubbles from the POPPING

candy art

Not only did this paint have sound but you could feel it popping on your hands as you painted.  It was really neat and lots of fun!

Pixie Stix Paint & Pound Paint Art
I loved the idea of pounding candy and getting colors to bleed out to create art.  However, after testing a variety of candies this idea didn't really work too well.   Most candies didn't create any pigment.  I still really wanted to try a form of pound painting so I made pixie stix paint and froze it so that we could POUND ICE PAINT.  It was a really hot day here and this activity was perfect!

To make Pixie Stix paint you will need:

  • Pixie Stix
  • The paint of your choice (we used washable tempera)
  • Ice cube trays or similar if freezing is desired

We purchased a 100 count bag of Pixie Stix at Dollar Tree.  I poured one Pixie Stix color into each color of washable tempera that we were using and this scented the paint fantastically.  

paint and play

This made a fabulous sensory paint for Rosie and Jewel.  They had lots of fun painting with some of the regular Pixie Stix paint before I froze it

To freeze: I poured the remaining paint into an ice cube tray and popped it in the freezer overnight.  The next morning we had an amazingly scented frozen paint 

Pound painting with the frozen paint was SO FUN

paint and play

Rosie loved using the hammer to pound the paint (please talk about safety and closely supervise)

paint and play

As she pounded the paints, the aromas were released and intensified which was really neat

paint and play

and the splash art effect was really neat, too!

paint and play

Rosie really had so much fun with this one!

paint and play

Note- Only do this activity if you feel comfortable letting your child use a hammer.  Rosie LOVED using the hammer to smash the ice and send colorful paint flying, but she was closely supervised.  I recommend kids wearing glasses to protect their eyes.  Rosie also wore long pants.  Rosie loves when I let her use a hammer for activities.  We always talk about safety before play.

Bubble Gum Paint & Painting
To finish off our candy painting fun we whipped up some colorful bubble gum paint using gum balls, and then tried using the paint to do marble style painting

To make Bubble Gum Paint you will need:

  • Gum balls
  • Water
  • A shallow box or similar container (if you desire to try marble painting)
First we took the bag of gum balls and sorted them into separate cups.  As Rosie did this we talked about the number of each color, reinforcing basic maths and color recognition, too.

paint and play

Once the gum balls were sorted we added a touch of water to each cup to make our paint

candy art

You could use the gum balls as a type of brush and paint with them or use a brush to dip in the liquid and paint.  We decided to try using the gum balls to create marble style art by rolling them around in a shallow box.

paint and play

Rosie loved putting all the gum balls into the box, and then shaking them around to create art

paint and play

paint and play

She also loved pushing the gumballs around on the paper to create colorful tracks

candy art

The effect from this art was really neat, and the gum ball paint smelled so good!

Painting with candy was SO FUN!  There are so many other ways you could paint with candy, too!  We bought all of the candy at Dollar Tree.  They have so many varieties to choose from.  I bought a little extra so that the girls could have a little candy once we were done with our painting activities.  This made a fun morning perfect as far as two tots were concerned :)

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