Summer Fun- Magic Treasure Ice

It was another beautiful and HOT day here in Maryland yesterday, and we had lots of fun keeping cool with more Summer sensory play.  If you have missed any of the FUN Summer play activities we have been sharing as part of our Summer Play Series, be sure to check the list at the end of today's post.  Today, we are excited to share a Super Summer FUN activity using ice- not just any ice either but MAGIC ICE!

Summer Fun with MAGIC Ice
Easy to Make MAGIC Ice & Treasure Ice- A great way for kids to stay cool while having some SUPER Summer FUN!
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Making MAGIC ice is simple, frugal, and TONS OF FUN for kids!  You can make regular magic ice or Magic Treasure Ice.  We made some of both, and found all sorts of ways to play.

To make Magic Ice & Treasure Ice you will need:
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Ice Trays or similar for freezing
  • Food coloring if color is desired
  • Vinegar
  • Optional- treasures or toys to make magic treasure ice (similar to our treasure rocks)

We used an ice tray to make our magic ice and larger plastic cups to make the treasure ice.  Any container that can be used for freezing will work.  In your container, mix one part baking soda with one part water.  Stir until the baking soda is dissolved   Add a few drops of food coloring if color is desired.  Freeze for four or more hours, and then the Summer FUN can begin!  

Summer fun

To make the MAGIC Treasure Ice just hide treasures and toys in your mixture before freezing.  We hid gems and pirate treasures in some of ours.  This is very similar to how we made Magic Treasure Rocks only using more water and then freezing.

Rosie had tons of FUN exploring with the magic ERUPTING ice

Summer fun

Ice is such a great way for kids to keep cool while playing in the Summer, and making it MAGIC adds a whole new element of FUN !

Summer fun

Rosie loved pouring the vinegar over the MAGIC ice to make it erupt

Summer fun

The eruptions were cool in that they were slow moving and longer lasting, I guess because of the temperature

Summer fun

Rosie asked for powdered tempera and it added a truly magical element to our play.  I loved the bursting eruptions of color the tempera created!

Getting the treasures out of the ice was lots of fun too of course!  We hid the treasures in larger magic ice pieces, so it took lots of play to get the treasures free.  This really extended our normal magic treasure rock play.

Another way we had fun with our MAGIC ice was by painting with it!

Summer fun

Beautiful works of erupting art were the result

 Summer fun

We couldn't keep the art after, but it sure was lots of FUN!

Summer fun

MAGIC Ice and Treasure Ice
Sweet Summer Fun
Summer fun

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