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Today I am so excited to announce the start of a week long series that we are doing with my close friend, the amazingly talented Tammy of Housing a Forest.  All week long we will be sharing activities inspired by nature as part of our joint mini series - Play inspired by Nature!

Play inspired by Nature

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a week long series from Growing a Jeweled Rose & Housing a Forest

To kick off the series, today Tammy and I are both sharing MUD PLAY!  Mud is one of our favorite ways to play!  It is readily available, makes a great sensory material, and is just plain FUN!  We have been waiting all Winter to get our hands back in some mud, and even made faux mud pies in the interim.  It was finally warm enough here the other day to get out some of the elements from our outdoor play kitchen and whip up some MUD.

Rather than making plain old mud (which we love) we decided to make Princess Mud and Princess Pies.  We have made Princess Pies before, but today we got to do it with real MUD!  Rosie was so excited to head out in her best princess attire and make pretty mud pies! 

Princess Mud Play Recipe:
  • Dirt (we bought ours at Home Depot for less than $1)
  • Water
  • Glitter, gems, jewels- anything sparkly
  • Powdered tempera paint, food coloring, or kool-aid (we used a bit of all three)

We didn't measure anything    I just gave Rosie all the ingredients and let her go nuts making up a batch of her very own princess mud!

She started by mixing in the water

Then she added LOTS of sparkle and color

In addition to all the sparkly ingredients,  Rosie also had flowers that we had collected from outside

She mixed, stirred, and added more ingredients  to her mixture for a very long time

She eventually said her princess mud was ready

Then it was time to make some princess pies!

Of course Rosie added a ton of glitter and color to the top of her princess pies too

We used a little kool- aid to add FUN scent and color.  We also used powdered paint and food coloring.  You could use any or all of those to make your princess mud and pies.  

She had so much fun embellishing her pies!

Play ensued for a very long time

Once Rosie was done, we had quite a few AMAZING Princess MUD PIES!

Who knew mud could be so beautiful and full of sparkle?

I guess you could say making princess pies is a girl's mud pie dream!

While Rosie was busy mixing and and making pies, Jewel had lots of fun playing in some mud too!

Princess Pies & Mud Play

 Who knew mud could be even more fun than it already was?

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