Fizzing Bath Paint Recipe

I created a fun Bath Time Science Lab for Rosie the other day and it was so fun!  There were lots of fun experiments and activities but this Fizzing Bath Paint was her favorite!

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe
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Fizzing Bath Paint = TONS of FUN!

To make Fizzing Bath Paint you will need:

~  Shaving cream
~  Food coloring (optional)
~  Baking Soda
~  Vinegar

In  a bowl mix baking soda and shaving cream.  I did not measure but  I did use a lot of baking soda in comparison to shaving cream.  The more baking soda you use the more the paint will fizz.  Basically, I mixed baking soda into the shaving cream until I had a thick pasty paint.

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar.  Add food coloring if desired.  Have the vinegar available to use alongside the baking soda and shaving cream paint mixture.  Have your little one paint with the paint.  Then have them spray the paint with the vinegar to create fizzing bath paint & art!

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

This Fizzing Bath Paint is so FUN!  It fizzes differently than other baking soda and vinegar concoctions we have tried.  It's a thicker more lasting fizzing paint.  Rosie played for a very long time!  

We will definitely be making many more batches of Fizzing Bath Paint!

Fizzing Bath Paint recipe

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