25 Ways to Play with GOOP!

Have you ever played with GOOP?  It is amazing FUN!  It is one of Rosie's favorite sensory materials.  It is very inexpensive and really easy to make.  The great thing about GOOP is that there are so many ways to play with it.

25 Ways to Play with GOOP!
Goop Sensory Activities
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Just GOOP! 
The standard goop recipe is lots of fun and could not be easier to make

Goop recipe
Rockabye Butterfly

 GOOP and Paint 
If you want to add color to your GOOP but want to avoid stained hands add washable paint

How to make goop
-Mama Smiles 

GOOP and Food Coloring 
Adding food coloring is lots of fun and creates marbleized effects that OOZE! 

Goop sensory play activity

Sidewalk Sand
This goopy play time is perfect for play on the sidewalk

play recipes

Quicksand Play Recipe
Add sand to your GOOP and it completely changes the PLAY

A new play recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose- make your own quicksand!

 GOOPY Slime Baskets
One of our FAVORITE activities that we have ever done!

 GOOPY Works of Art  
Process art with added sensory FUN!

The Imagination Tree

GOOP as a Canvas for Art
Talk about a fun canvas!


GOOP and Ice 
Talk about a sensory experience!  The GOOP and ice combination is AMAZING!

Freezy GOO
Here's a way to make GOOP even cooler- Freeze it for ultimate PLAY!

play recipe

An oozing rainbow that glows!

glowing recipes

GOOP for Cooking
Fun mixing and concocting kids will love!

-My Buddies and I

Grinch GOO
The perfect gooey play time for Christmas

Christmas fun activity- Grinch Goo

GOOP and Shaving Cream
A fun combination for messy play lovers


 GOOP in the Bath  
This is a great way to contain the mess and let your little ones explore GOOP with their whole bodies.

Goop sensory play fun

 GOOP Splash Art 
 I absolutely LOVE this- so colorful and FUN!

-At Home with Ali

Erupting GOOP

GOOP Pretend Play Bakery

 -The Imagination Tree

 GOOP Multi- Sensory 
a beautiful and fragrant way to play with GOOP!

Popping GOOP
Goop with sound effects- a must try!

GOOP, Glitter & flowers  

-Play Create Explore

  GOOP & Dr. Suess 
What a fun way to bring a book to life!

-Mom to Posh Lil Divas

 GOOP Spray Painting
Fun sensory art

-Two Big Two Little

Pumpkin GOOP
A super sensory play time for Fall

Pumpkin GOOP for amazing Fall sensory play. Kids love this oozing cross between a liquid and a solid, and you only need a few common ingredients to make it. Smells just like pumpkin pie, too!

 Glowing Goblin GOO
Perfect for Halloween

glow goo Halloween activity

Bubble Bath GOOP

Bubbling Goop recipe


25+ FUN ways to PLAY with GOOP

Goop Sensory Activities
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