Summer Fun - Wacky Watermelon Day

Today I am SUPER excited to announce a new mini series we are doing, Summer FUN Days!  Each fun day we plan to share in this series has a theme and will be packed with activities to keep kids busy and having fun this Summer.  To debut our series we created a WACKY Watermelon Day

Wacky Watermelon Day
Summer fun - wacky Watermelon Day - packed with activities kids will love!

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I built excitement for Rosie and Jewel a few days before our first Summer FUN Day.  I had the girls each pick out a watermelon at the store and help me gather any other needed supplies.  I did not tell them all of the activities I had planned and left much of it to be a surprise.  Here is what we did for our Wacky Watermelon Day

Wacky Watermelon Bowling
I knew we were going to finish off this fun day by eating our watermelons, but I wanted us to play with them as much as possible first.  We started our festivities with a bit of watermelon bowling

Summer fun

Watermelons make fantastic bowling balls.  We used mini- watermelons so that Rosie and Jewel would be able to roll them a decent distance

Summer fun

Summer fun

Both girls had a ton of FUN!

To make the bowling pins we used empty two liters.  We don't drink a lot of soda, but we do use tonic water for our play activities often and keep those bottles on hand for when inspiration strikes.  You could use any similar bottle, even smaller soda or water bottles.  I painted the bottoms green, added slightly watered down red paint to the inside of each bottle and shook it really well (after securing the lid).  Then Rosie helped me paint the black seeds onto our bottles.  

Summer fun

I think they turned out really cute, and Rosie and Jewel had so much FUN!

WACKY Watermelon Painting
I laid down white paper to act as our bowling lane knowing we were going to follow that activity with watermelon roll painting.  All we needed to add was paint and the wacky painting could start

Both girls had lots of fun rolling their watermelon through the blobs of paint on the paper

Summer fun

The girls loved squirting the paint on the paper before we painted.  We also sprinkled one packet of watermelon kool-aid into our paint blobs to make this a super sensory painting experience.   The artwork smelled divine.

After this activity we headed to our back deck to give our watermelons a bath.  This wasn't a planned activity for WACKY Watermelon Day, but the melons needed to be cleaned and the girls loved the idea of bathing them

Summer fun

Once our watermelons were all clean we were feeling a bit thirsty so we cut our melons open to make a fun treat!

Healthy Watermelon Coolers for Kids
After cutting one of our seedless watermelons open, Rosie and Jewel were eager to check it out.  They felt the melons and explored their senses by tasting a bit.  While they were chowing down on some fresh cut watermelon I whipped up a couple watermelon coolers.  These are super simple to make and taste so yummy!

To make Watermelon Coolers you will need:
  • 1/2 of a fresh cut watermelon (we used a mini melon)
  • Roughly 2 cups of ice
  • 1/4 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
  • A blender

In your blender add the watermelon.  Then top with the ice and pour in the vanilla almond milk.  The almond milk helps the ingredients mix, and also sweetens the coolers a bit.  Almond milk is very good for you and since you only need a small amount, there isn't very much added sugar in this drink making it a really healthy treat!  

Summer fun

You could play with this recipe and use whipped cream, ice cream, regular milk, or just the watermelon and ice with a touch of water.  I am sure all of the above would taste delicious.   I used what we had on hand and they were delicious!  Once our coolers were mixed I poured the mix back into the watermelon halves to create a super fun bowl for the girls.

I also added straws and umbrellas. They loved it!

Watermelon Boat Races
After the girls were finished with their coolers we washed out the watermelon halves so that we could make watermelon boats.  Making the boats was really easy.  We used wooden skewers and craft foam to give our melons a sail.  Rosie was especially excited for the boat races to begin!

Jewel lost interest in the boats after a few minutes, but Rosie played with them for a really long time and even asked to take them to her bath that night.

Watermelon GOOP!
We finished off WACKY Watermelon Day with a bit of wacky sensory play.  GOOP is one of our favorites.  We have played with it in TONS of ways, but this watermelon goop was definitely a favorite!

To make Watermelon GOOP you will need:
  • Corn Starch
  • Water
  • One watermelon kool-aid packet
  • Black beans or similar
  • Green craft foam or similar
  • Red food coloring if vibrant color is desired
Make GOOP like normal.  Then toss in black beans to act as seeds and green craft foam rind.  You can use other materials to act as seeds and rind of course.  We added a packet of watermelon kool-aid to our corn starch before adding water, but you could add it at any time. We also added a few drops of red food coloring  for vibrant color

Both girls loved this GOOP!  

I loved it too and found it hard to keep my hands out of it

The beans mixed with the OOZING GOOP created a fun texture.  The goop also smelled AMAZING!  If you are unfamiliar with how to make GOOP visit our first GOOP post for full details.  Also be sure to check out our GOOP play collection.

This WACKY Watermelon Day was SO FUN I think we will be making it a yearly tradition!

We made ERUPTING watermelon heads a while back using carved watermelons. I would say that activity was pretty wacky, and one you might want to add to your activities list.

Summer Play

Other watermelon ideas for Summer:

Check back later this week for more in our Series of 
Summer FUN Days!
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