Homemade Kinetic Sand

My girls love kinetic sand, but it is pretty pricey.
 So, when they were asking for a new batch the other day I thought, "Why don't we try to make our own?"  
Make your own kinetic sand- only 3 ingredients!  Seriously??  I can't wait to try this!

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This sand has an irresistible texture much like the store bought variety; it is super squishy, mold-able, and lots of fun!

Kinetic Sand Recipe
  • Combine the soap and water in a separate container, and stir until the water is bubbly
  • Slowly pour the water into the sand/cornstarch and mix well. Mix and mix, adding more water as needed.  If more water is needed add a little more and mix.  Continue to add more water until the desired consistency is reached.  I used 3/4 of a cup of water, and the consistency was perfect, but if your sand is coarser or finer than mine you may need more or less water, so add it SLOWLY! 
That's it!  Easy, right?  And so fun!

Make your own kinetic sand- only 2 ingredients!  Seriously??  I can't wait to try this!

Add buckets/shovels/kitchen gadgets, and kids will have a blast building and creating

Homemade kinetic sand- don't waste your money on the store bought stuff when you can easily make this recipe at home!  Squishy, mold-able, & lots of fun

The dish soap in this recipe is what gives the sand a kinetic-like quality.  It is so fun to squish and form into shapes in your hands.  It is also very mold-able, making it great for building sand castles and other structures

Make your own kinetic sand- only 2 ingredients!  Seriously??  I can't wait to try this!

Add cars or other toys for a simple way to extend the fun

Make your own kinetic sand- only 2 ingredients!  Seriously??  I can't wait to try this!

When play time is over store your sand in an airtight container where it will stay good for several weeks.  If it dries out at all just add a touch of soapy water and mix it into the sand the next time you go to play.  We have had our sand for a few weeks now, and Rosie and Jewel ask to play with it often!  Happy playing!
Don't feel like making kinetic sand?  Buy it here:

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DIY Kinetic sand using only 3 ingredients- SO COOL!
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