Games with Pool Noddles

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Pool noodles are can be used in so many fun ways.  Today, I grabbed a few noodles from the dollar store and made a fun outdoor game with them.

Pool Noodle Ring Toss
games with pool noodles

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This pool noodle ring toss game is super simple to make and SO FUN as an outdoor game for cook outs, Summer parties, and any day the kids need a game to occupy them.  

To make pool noodle ring toss game you will need:
  • Pool noodles 
  • Duct tape or another strong adhesive tape
  • Sticks
To make your rings form your noodles into circles and tape them tightly.  To make the pegs I used sticks as dows in the ground.  Just push each stick into the ground so that it is secure.  Then place pool noodle pieces over the sticks.  I used one pool noodle to make 3 pegs.  You could make more or less if you prefer. 

games with pool noodles

That's it!  Then it is time to play

games with pool noodles

games with pool noodles

Rosie loved gathering the rings just as much as she loved tossing them

games with pool noodles

This game is fun for the whole family of course.  Little Jewel likes playing with the noodle pieces and tossing the rings like frisbees.  You can also use the noodles as a hula hoop!

games with pool noodles

Pool noodles are so fun!  There are endless ways to use them in play , and at only $1 a piece the fun is frugal too! 

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