Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas

This next activity was so fun!  We filled emptied egg shells with paint and then tossed them at canvas!  You really must give this one a try!  Here is what we did!
Paint Filled Eggs

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Rosie and Jewel had a blast tossing paint eggs at canvas, and I love the piece of artwork that they created!  Set up for this activity was pretty, easy, too!

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Making Hollowed Eggshells
Filling the eggs with paint is really easy.  We just save our shells as we eat eggs.  All you have to do is use a butter knife to gently crack the top of the shells, making a hole big enough for the egg to pass through.  I always break the loose shell fragments away before emptying the egg to make sure they don't end up in our breakfast.  Then, I give the eggshells a quick rinse with hot water and anti-bacterial soap and place them back into the carton to dry

Paint filled eggs on Canvas

That's it!  It doesn't take any extra time to crack the eggs in this way, and you are then left with the perfect vessel.  Now, all you have to do is fill the eggs with paint

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas!  This project is surprisingly easy to set up and SO FUN!

Once filled you will want to seal them using tissue paper and glue.  Simply use a glue stick to cover one side of a tissue paper square, and then gently stick that over each egg opening.  So easy and works great!

Paint filled eggs- toss them at canvas for a super fun art project kids LOVE!

I wanted to make a piece of art that we could keep, so I bought a large canvas, but you could just as easily use poster board or fill the eggs with sidewalk chalk and let kids throw them freely at the pavement. Kids are sure to love this fun project either way.

I leaned our canvas on a box in open grass and let the girls loose. They had so much fun tossing the eggs and watching them splat

Paint filled eggs on canvas

Paint filled eggs on canvas

Paint filled eggs on canvas

The effects from the thrown eggs were so neat, and with each crack the girls were excited to discover the paint color inside!

Paint filled eggs on canvas

It wasn't long before all the eggs were thrown, but that was ok.  Each egg was able to be tossed multiple times before it was completely cracked and emptied of paint.

This activity was so much fun!  We will definitely be doing this one again!

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Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas.  SO FUN and filling the eggs is so easy!
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