Sparkle Snow Shiver Bag

sensory bag

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I made this simple sensory bag for the girls a bit ago and have been meaning to share it.  It is really easy to put together and they have been having lots of fun with it.

To make a Sparkle Snow Shiver Bag you will need:
  • Clear hair gel (We get ours from the Dollar Tree)
  • A zip lock bag
  • Iridescent snow flakes aka Buffalo Snow (we get ours at Walmart)

Empty the hair gel into the zip lock bag.  Add as much of the iridescent snow as you want.  I added a lot to make the sensory bag super sparkly!  

sensory bag

The photos really don't do this sensory bag justice.  It is hard to photograph white and clear materials.  The Sparkle Snow Bag is so pretty and shimmery!

Once I had the bag together I tossed it in the fridge for 15 minutes so it would be cold.  The girls love this sensory bag!  

sensory bag

Whenever they are done playing with it I just place it in the fridge.  Then I pull it out whenever I need five minutes to get a task done or Rosie and Jewel want to play with it.

Sensory bags like this one are great for when you are trying to get dinner on the table and need 10 minutes to occupy the kids.  All the mess is contained too, making this a go to activity for crunch times.

A few tips:  I recommend sealing the zip-lock bag  with packaging tape to prevent leaking.  I also wouldn't leave sensory bags out all the time but rather reserve them for special times.  If left out constantly the sensory bags can get stepped on or punctured.  I love that I can pull these out when I need a few minutes to get stuff done and they are always a hit with Rosie and Jewel!  They are super inexpensive too!

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