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Earlier this week we kicked off a new mini series here on Growing a Jeweled Rose, Summer FUN Days.  Each day shared in the series will have a fun theme and be PACKED WITH ACTIVITIES to keep kids busy and having fun this Summer!  If you missed Wacky Watermelon Day be sure to check it out.  Today, I am sharing the SUPER S'more Day I created for Rosie and Jewel.

SUPER S'more Day
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I tried to build excitement prior to our SUPER S'more Day the same way I had for WACKY Watermelon Day.  I took the girls shopping and had them pick out and help gather needed materials. I also had Rosie help me make a solar oven the evening before our SUPER S'more day.  We began this Summer FUN Day by setting up our finished oven and getting some delicious solar s'more's cooking.

Solar S'more's & Oven
I knew our solar s'more's would take a while to cook so we set this up first.  That way the s'more's would be ready to eat once the girls were done with all the other FUN activities.

Making the solar oven was super easy.  All you need is aluminum foil, an empty pizza box, and plastic wrap. I have seen solar ovens all over Pinterest, but ended up following this fantastic tutorial from Spoonful.  If you want to try making solar s'more's be sure to check out their detailed instructions.  It really couldn't be easier.

Once you have your solar oven made, all you need is graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate!  Both girls had a ton of fun putting together their s'more's and baking them in the oven

They were very excited and checked on their s'more's often while we were doing the other activities

S'more Play Dough Play
While the girls were waiting for their real s'more's to cook they had lots of fun making their own s'more scented play dough.  Once the play dough was mixed they loved making play dough s'more's in their own little bakery.

To make S'more Play Dough you will need:
I purchased one canister of each play dough color from Walmart for under $1 a piece.  You can of course make your own play dough but I actually prefer the store bought variety.  The colors are really vibrant, it is really inexpensive, and buying it allows me to have many colors and varieties in constant rotation.  I personally don't find homemade play dough to be worth the added effort.  However, here are three play dough recipes in case you do prefer to make your own. 

Once you have your play dough all you have to do is pour the chocolate marshmallow frosting powder onto the play dough and mix it in.  One frosting packet made all three play dough colors smell AMAZING!

Marshmallow Shooters
By the time the girls were done playing with their s'more play dough they were growing pretty impatient for the yummy solar cooked s'more's.  Those were still not done so we had a marshmallow fight with active snacking instead.

To make our fight even more fun we made marshmallow shooters inspired by these shooters from Come Together Kids.  We made ours quite a bit different though.  All you need to make shooters like the ones we made is a couple toilet paper rolls and two balloons.  Simply stretch a balloon over one end of each cardboard roll.  Add a few marshmallows (mini marshmallows work best) and fire away!

Rosie especially loved these.  Jewel loved eating all the marshmallows after Rosie launched them at her :)

S'more Sensory Painting with GIANT Marshmallows
After the marshmallow fight we moved on to marshmallow painting. This was no normal marshmallow painting either.  It was GIANT marshmallow painting!

For GIANT S'more Art you will need:

I laid down a piece of poster board but you could do this activity right on the tabletop since it is all about the process.  I squirted brown paint on the poster board along with a touch of shaving cream and frosting powder.  Then the girls used the cotton-like material as giant marshmallow brushes

Rosie loved painting with the giant marshmallows.  After she was done I gave her a few pieces of craft foam so that she could make and assemble her very own GIANT s'more's

As simple a this was she really got a kick out of it!

Marshmallow Relay
Both girls had lots of fun trying to balance marshmallows on over-sized spoons and race

I was really surprised with how well Jewel did with this activity!  Both girls thought it was really FUN!

Notice Jewel's marshmallow has a bite taken out of it, and Rosie is still balancing hers like a champ!

 S'more Sensory Play
We saved the messiest activity for last and finished off SUPER S'more Day with s'more sensory play

Rosie loves shaving cream play and it made perfect "marshmallow".  All I did was squirt one can of shaving cream onto the poster board from our process art.  The only other thing we used for this activity was the left over chocolate frosting powder from giant marshmallow painting.  Jewel is hot and cold with sensory play and was not interested in getting messy, but Rosie LOVED it!

After I cleaned Rosie up from the messy sensory activity we checked on our s'more's and guess what?  They were finally ready!

Nothing like finishing a super FUN day with a couple of adorable s'more smiles!

The s'more's took roughly one hour to cook.  It was the marshmallow that took the longest.

S'more Day sure was SUPER!  I think we will have to revisit it next year, and maybe even sooner.......s'more's are just that yummy!

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