Pretend Play- Magical Fairy Garden

I had been wanting to make Rosie a Magical Fairy Garden all Summer long, so when a box of fairy products arrived in the mail from Safari Ltd, I was so excited to finally put one together for her!  If you are unfamilar with Safari Ltd, they make fabulous hand painted replicas that are great for imaginative and small world play like the Magical Fairy Garden I created here.

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I set this magical world up during Rosie's nap so that I could surprise her with it when she woke.  I love creating after nap surprises.  We have an empty flower bed that we use often for small world play, and it was the perfect space for creating this magical fairy world.

 In addition to the fairies, I added all sorts of little embellishments to bring the world to life.  I added stones and fresh flowers from a tree in our yard.  I also added the Flower House Rosie recently created, and it made a prefect home for the fairies.

I had purchased this adorable fairy furniture set on Amazon for just a few dollars not long ago with this playtime in mind, and it was a perfect addition!  

Once I had the garden all set up, I could't wait to show Rosie!  When she woke from her nap, I told her I had a surprise for her, and to get dressed in her favorite fairy outfit.  Then I took her down to the garden and she escaped into a magical world of make believe!


Rosie played and explored for quite a while, creating all sorts of different fairy scenes with the materials in the Magical Garden.  She even gave all the fairies names,  Above, she is showing mommy Gersup, quite a creative name I must say! 

I left this garden set up for a few days, and Rosie asked to return to it often.  Now that I have taken it down, I have all sorts of other ideas for how to put our fairy collection from Safari Ltd to use.  Be sure to check back with us to see what other fun playtimes we come up with!

Also be sure to check out Safari Ltd and their amazing products!  Your little ones are sure to have lots of fun with their toys, and they are fantastic for fostering the imagination and fueling the creative spark that lies in us all! 

Disclosure- As mentioned above, I was sent free products from Safari Ltd to use for this review.  However, I was not paid for this post, and the views and opinions expressed are my own.  I truly love the products above, and will definitely be using many of  Safari Ltd's  other products for future playtimes!

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