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We have been sharing super fun GLOWING activities all week long, but this next one takes the cake.  Rosie and Jewel love baking soda and vinegar Science, and this activity really took the magic of this loved activity to a whole new level.

GLOWING Volcano & Rainbow Eruptions
Glowing Science - rainbow eruptions

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What could be more fun than a glow volcano & erupting rainbows?

Rosie absolutely LOVED this activity!  We made SO MANY ERUPTIONS, each one more beautiful than the next.  Not only was this activity super fun and beautiful but also super simple, making it one of my all time favorites so far.

GLOWING Volcano Eruptions Materials
We started by making a glow in the dark volcano.  In a tall glass we added roughly 1/2 cup of baking soda along with 1 teaspoon of orange glow in the dark paint.  Then we poured in the vinegar (roughly 1/2 cup)

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Simple & amazing Science!  We made our volcano erupt over and over.  We did find that stirring the paint into the vinegar helped the entire volcano to glow intensely.  I recommend mixing the paint in to make the vinegar glow before adding it to your volcano.

After a bit of play with our volcano we moved on to make GLOWING rainbow eruptions.  These were so cool!  All you have to do to make the rainbow eruptions is add varying colored glow paints to your baking soda before pouring in the vinegar.  You can add one color paint at a time or a bit of each color of the rainbow to make ERUPTING RAINBOWS!  We made many eruptions, some with one color and some with all the colors at once.  Every single eruption was stunning- even when we turned the lights on!  

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Add a squirt of dish soap to make the eruptions move slower and last longer

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Photographing in the dark is tricky.  The eruptions were so vibrant that all the photos of Rosie were very dark.   This is the best shot I got, but her wide eyed expressions while we played will be remembered for a long time. 

Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

A Few Tips:  You can find glow in the dark paint in a variety of colors at Michael, Walmart, or online here.  The fluorescent paint we used can be found here.  If using fluorescent paint you will also need a blacklight.  We got ours at Walmart for $10.  If using glow in the dark paint don't forget to charge it by a light source before play.

AMAZING SCIENCE!  Make an erupting volcano that glows in the dark.  These eruptions glowed so intensely they lit the whole room; sure to WOW the kids!
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